Oct 24 2012

Benghazi Revelations Prove Incident Is One More Example Of Team Obama’s Incompetence

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Update: The comments are flying over this news at Hot Air, with the expected frustration with the nonsense this has become:

If I understand the White House’s Benghazi narrative in its current form, it boils down to this. There was no protest, but the attack was still kinda sorta spontaneous insofar as it was inspired by what was happening at the embassy in Cairo. And it wasn’t an official Al Qaeda or Ansar al-Sharia operation, even though members of AQIM and Ansar al-Sharia — including the founder of the latter group — were on the scene and/or participating. Essentially, the White House wants you to believe that members of two prominent jihadist paramilitary groups were kicking around on September 11 when one of them turned on the TV, heard about the Mohammed movie from coverage of the Egyptian embassy assault, and decided to quickly pull together a complex, heavily-armed attack on the local U.S.

Like I note below, what kind of panic caused this idiotic plan?  – end update

The media and left is wondering what happened to the campaign of Obama 2008. They flail about wondering how the “One” – who promised the waters would recede and a bright economic future would arrive – is not evident here in the waning weeks of the 2012 election. They rush to their mental holes of denial and blame white-hooded racism, rural morons, and bible thumping zombies….

When the answer is right in front of them.


Incompetence is taking Team Obama down and has been for some time now.

Drudge has a headline out “He Knew”; meaning the White House and President knew the day of the attacks in Benghaiz they were coordinated and from an al Qaeda affiliate. The evidence for this was overwhelming. And yet they ran to some dumb-ass cover story about a video (which, truth be told, there is NO evidence for this canard). The attack happened on 9-11 for Pete’s sake – guess what the high probability cause is???

What happened in the White House? An attack on the our Ambassador and Consulate would create a rally around the President. It always does. So why go dumb ass and blame a video? I am still scratching my head on this. Politics 101, rally around the flag.


For months the consulate was under attack. For months the Ambassador was begging for more security (apparently there were more critical budgetary needs in Europe, Japan, etc). The British pulled out because they saw the warning signs (and yes, they communicated why and when they were pulling out – standard protocol among allies). Libya was a fragile experiment in Bomb-Based diplomacy, proving once again you cannot control events on the ground without boots on the ground for some period. It was the Team Obama’s shining example the post Bush diplomacy.

Libya is the result of Incompetence. So is Egypt and Syria. But anyone could ride out the story through the election by standing up and promising to get the murderers. Why the big whiff?

Incompetence led the liberals in 2009 to put all their political chits in the one bag of government trickle-down economic priming – in the form of the Stimulus bill. Sadly the only thing stimulated was massive, generational debt and long term unemployment. Economic Incompetence.

Debate prep for the Snoozer in Denver? Complete bust and incompetence

Managing a national reelection campaign? Obama and the Dems are out of money and fumbled the strategy by going full smear all summer and not discussing policy plans until it was too late. Glenn Thrush at Politico provides the biting analysis.

Even when faced with the location of Osama Bin Laden, Obama faltered and hesitated – then totally screwed up the post event messaging by dissing the special forces and trying to claim all the credit.

And of course, now we have the Horses and Bayonets misstep, which demonstrated the arrogance and ignorance of the left in bright clarity. When it comes to the military, this group’s knowledge is limited to TV sitcom caricatures.

Then there is the Gun Walker fiasco, where it is hard not to conclude the idea was to spill blood through gun violence so the left could try and use that violence to curb gun ownership. This one disturbs me the most because it was a knucklehead idea to create conditions that could be exploited for a political agenda item.


Benghazi is a real question mark. Why would you leave such an obvious target exposed coming up on a major election and the 9-11 anniversary? Here’s my nightmare scenario. What if the whole idea was to create the conditions for a rally-around-the-flag incident leading into the elections? Given this administration’s penchant for brilliantly dumb ideas (billions to green energy failures run by political cronies???) sadly I cannot get this idea to go away. Months of warnings and pleadings dismissed, for what purpose? We had the money. The security was there and was pulled out!

I keep trying to find some rationalization that supports the counter argument that no one is that stupid. But then again, look at how this administration has dealt with the Fort Hood attack, the underwear bomber, etc? Maybe they truly are naive to the threats we face from Islamo Fascism?

Something about the consulate attack spooked these people to run away from the rallying cry and run towards a dumb ass video story.

Sadly, I cannot think of any scenario that is not based on one common foundation….



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6 Responses to “Benghazi Revelations Prove Incident Is One More Example Of Team Obama’s Incompetence”

  1. patrioticduo says:

    Incompetence compounded and aided and abetted by: 1) a POTUS with zero operational experience running ANYTHING. This guy doesn’t have enough management skill to run a lemonade stand and he probably never has run one. 2) a POTUS with operating knowledge and experience *only* in how to try change reality by talking (PR staff, press offices, press releases, print media, TV, radio, Internet, community organizing). You put those two factors together and you get “Fast and Furious” meets Benghazi and on and on. The responsibility for these operational failures rests with the POTUS. His inability to corral his own executive staff to avoid these kinds of outrageous lapses is his own undoing. Who would have thought that after opposing the man on primarily idealogical grounds, it turns out that the reason he is going to be a one term President is because he talks the talk but can’t walk the walk. He can’t manage! That is why the debates are actually hurting Obama. Because eventually, all Obama has to do is open his mouth and start speaking and the majority of voters hear a huckster. Only the truly brainwashed are believing much of anything this guy says. The remaining 13 days are only going to solidify that as his campaign goes into implosion mode. Expect it to sound more extreme and divisive (but unsuccessful) as the days count down. It’s going to look and sound desperate. Obama will of course fall back on attorneys to try to salvage the situation. We had better watch out for that!

  2. momdear1 says:

    Obama’s carpetbagger advisers, AKA lobbyists and community activists, malcontents and opportunists, are in it for all they can get.They don’t care about anything but linning their own pockets. Obama has surrounded himself with like minded, less than most qualified, affirmative action, psychophants who are looting the country just like his African predessor tyrants, Edi Amin, Robert Mgabwe, etc have done in Africa. They left their countries destitute and in debt, just as Obama is trying to do here.

    As in the first reconstruction, we now have unqualified “victims of white suppression” running things. White men have been disenfranchised (about 2/3 of college students are now female. Add in the minority and foreign students and it doesn’t leave very may slots for white males) (It is next ot impossible for a white male to get a training level job in the high paying tech fields because of government mandates that minorities get prefential tretment.)

    Note: All the dead in the 9/11/2012 attack are white males.

    Obama coesn’t care what happens to the US or it’s citizens as long as he in the big shot running the store. After all, he has said he believes the US is responsible for making people attack us because of our past “e

    The fact is that Obama outsourced the protection of our diplomatic personel to the enemy in Libbya. They turned tail and ran because of prior warnings of the impending attack. That should reveal just how much value Obama puts on American lives and which side he is really on. Facts indicate that Obama is indeed a Muslim. His every action is to promote the Califate for glory of Allah.

    I believe Obama’s team when they said they didnt’ know it was a terrorist attack. first reports were that he left for Las Vegas without attending the daily national security briefing. and he has missed about 60% of those briefings since the first of the year. How can he know what is going on When he doesn’t listen to those we pay to keep him informed. He doesn’t attend those meetings because he doesn’t care about what is going on.

  3. Good Captain says:

    Supporting your nagging doubts, recall how the left viewed OBL’s killing as a virtual guarantee of a second term for Obama. The past would appear to provide a motive for your speculation.

  4. Redteam says:

    If you’re attempting to provoke someone to argue that the Obama admin is competent, I don’t think you’re going to get any takers. The facts about Benghazi seem to indicate that he really didn’t care that Americans were in danger. He figured everything would take care of itself and if some little something went wrong the willing media would cheerfully cover his ass for him as they always do. The only thing Obama has ever been successful at is getting elected. His performance is dismal at best. We need to get him out, just keep your fingers crossed that the dead voters can be kept to a minimum.

  5. oneal lane says:

    In an earlier post I predicted a “woman” or “women” would come out of the woodwork a few days before the election.

    I think it’s started.

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