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Oct 24 2012

Benghazi Revelations Prove Incident Is One More Example Of Team Obama’s Incompetence

Update: The comments are flying over this news at Hot Air, with the expected frustration with the nonsense this has become: If I understand the White House‚Äôs Benghazi narrative in its current form, it boils down to this. There was no protest, but the attack was still kinda sorta spontaneous insofar as it was inspired […]

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Nov 25 2009

The End Of The Earth Is Coming, But Scientists Cannot Write Professional Quality SW!

There is a well known problem when research scientists have to interact with the real world: they hate to be bothered with rules, regulations, laws, etc. At NASA the lowest quality code you will find is in the science processing chain. It is just not held to the same quality standards as the operational code […]

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