Sep 07 2012

Convention Wrap Up: I Need A Refill Of Advil

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Sorry again for the complete lack of posting. Life has become incredibly hectic, and not always in a good way. At least we squeaked some vacation time in at the end of August, or else I would have gone mad with the conflicting priorities of aging parents, an endless stream of work/business issues (in no small part thanks to government intrusion and incompetence), while raising the young ones and letting go of the older ones. Not sure if I am still sane…

Anyway, just a short post on the GOP and Dem conventions: neither really inspired, each had less good than bad and ugly (yes, Clint Eastwood will be addressed here). I missed Romney’s and Obama’s speeches, and pretty much ignored the liberal meltdown in Charlotte.

That’s because I sit firmly in the vast majority of insurgent Tea Party/Libertarian voters who will be bringing a second wave of whoop-ass to the voting booth come Nov 6th.

Let me begin with Clint Eastwood’s ingenious play at the GOP convention. It was ingenious because it represents a symphony of messages, metaphors and devices that hit the individual in multiple subtle ways. I must note I missed his ‘speech’ as well the night he gave it, and was already expecting – from the news – to see a rambling, out of touch, and sad event when I watched it early in the week after the convention.

And boy do most people have it wrong. Especially the talking heads and inside the beltway types (see Geraldo Rivera for an example of someone totally missing it). This post over at Hot Air by “Karl” explains much of what happened that night.

After all, who is Clint Eastwood? He is one of the top actors, directors and producers of motion pictures in the world. Most of the world — and almost certainly everyone tuning in to the RNC Thursday night — knows this. Yet most of the analyses of his RNC appearance are based on the notion that we were not witnessing acting.

Karl walks through the set up, the hook and the morals of this amazing short play. But having time to listen to the response and see how it played out with the Dems is amazing. From the union thug who goes ballistic on his own empty chair to the fact Obama cannot now afford to be seen in any venue containing empty chairs, the symbology now stuck to the President appears to be as damning as it is permanent. The empty suite metaphor is hard to encounter on a day to day basis – not the empty chair!

Eastwood used the hook of a rambling old man to bring down everyone’s guard. If he was Dirty Harry, then most people would have some level of defense up – making a message hard to get through. The rambling man, hard to hear, removed this wall and forced people to try and hear. But as Karl said, once the hook was implanted, the message was tough. Going from tears of joy at the swearing in January 2009 to the tears of sadness as we see the results of 4 wasted years and so many people out of work and without their hard earned nest eggs. Eastwood applied the velvet glove with surgical precision, until finally he dropped the act with his “Make My Day” summary…

Compare that to the floor fight by the Dems over the existence and support of “God”. As I noted before, everyone outside the far left believes in a Creator who is above humankind, and from whom we receive the gift of life and all its potential. To the liberals, they are the Creator and through government they provide the required carrots and sticks to manage the unruly masses. One side is confident, the other compensating for deep rooted insecurities.

The conventions simply cemented where this election was headed. The left arrogant and over confident, the right being tested once again to see if this time they can do what the people want (which is to tear down government to its minimal core and free people to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness). The question is will the GOP be like Todd Akin or Paul Ryan….

So far they are marching basically in the right direction. But they will not have a mandate if they win. They will simply be on parole.

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  1. kathie says:

    What do we need to know?
    Clint Eastwood’s empty chair, and “you didn’t build that”.
    In 2008, I was your hope, now you are my hope, get out and vote.
    Mitt is not flashy, he is studious, hard working and honest. Wow, that’s the man I want after 4 years of screw-up.
    Please America vote for Mitt, our country depends on you.

  2. Neo says:

    Apparently, the empty chair phobia, Seatophobia, was over compensated for on Wednesday evening, when fire marshals kept people out of the arena because it had reached it’s limit. Reporters and delegates were left standing outside.

  3. Frogg1 says:

    Clint Eastwood’s first interview after the ‘chair’:

    Eastwood says his convention appearance was ‘mission accomplished’

  4. Frogg1 says:

    Change of topic, did you see this?

    Top Senate Dem Recruit Slams ObamaCare

  5. Redteam says:

    I certainly agree on Eastwood, as I said on the last thread, he accomplished his mission very well. Compare that to a totally lifeless speech by Obama. He has never demonstrated his ‘great orator ability’ to me (but then he doesn’t have to), but he spoke as if he is already defeated. He has no plans just more Hope we can Change.
    Eastwood’s speech will be the standard and imitated for years to come.
    I too am expecting a great, totally unexpected by the left, teaparty turnout in November, I hope this bounce’ that the media is proclaiming is the ‘bounce right out of office’.

  6. Neo says:

    The absence of any loud noise from the press regarding Friday’s unemployment numbers says we are “on plan.”

    This continues the Obama “LightWorker” strategy (i.e. Obama will run on the only thing he has, his popularity).

    Notice that Obama’s speech on Thursday night didn’t tackle anything difficult (i.e. unemployment nada, entitlement reform nada). His polling indicated that a flat speech was his best plan of attack. He knows that all he has to do is offer the illusion of new programs (then blames Republicans when they don’t get passed) and stay away from the “heavy lifting” (let the Republicans go first). Then merely run on his popularity.

  7. jan says:

    <blockquote"I too am expecting a great, totally unexpected by the left, teaparty turnout in November, I hope this bounce’ that the media is proclaiming is the ‘bounce right out of office’."

    Ah, Redteam…no sweeter words were written!

    There seems to be a weird kind of ‘quiet’ out there, amidst all the erratic, irrational polling numbers. People talk to each other about their dissatisfaction with Obama. There are countless anecdotes out there about people who voted for him last time and regret it. But, then you get the MSM cheerleaders, the latest Gallup and even Rasmussen polling, following a lackluster Obama speech and a Democratic convention that was full of crazy people and incidents. It makes you scratch your head, like Eastwood was doing, at the beginning of his performance, and wonder what’s it all about!!!

  8. Frogg1 says:

    Nicely said, Jan. Feels that way to me, too. In fact, I had a strange conversation with my brother the other night. He hasn’t voted in two decades, doesn’t care about politics, and we never talk politics. Most of his sense of things comes from talking to people in the community or people he has business dealings with. Within one minute of his call he told me he registered to vote and plans to vote for Romney. he wouldn’t stop talking about politics for the next ten minutes. Something is going on out there.

  9. Frogg1 says:

    Change of topic…..

    NOAA Conducts Large-Scale Experiment And Proves Global Warming Skeptics Correct

    Conclusions: A large-scale NOAA experiment has proven that global warming skeptics were correct: temperature warming in the U.S. has been significantly overstated in recent decades. This NOAA experiment should be expanded to other continents and countries since it is now obvious that the combined older technology and substandard weather station sites have well overstated the global warming phenomenon. Before any further dollars are spent on climate change adaptation and/or mitigation, the world needs to upgrade their global weather/climate reporting network to the USCRN standard so that policymakers have correct temperature change mesurements to base their decisions on.

  10. jan says:


    I equally enjoyed the story about your brother’s newly found enthusiasm to vote for Romney. It’s that picking up one vote at a time that will hopefully do it in November.

  11. Redteam says:

    “That’s because I sit firmly in the vast majority of insurgent Tea Party/Libertarian voters who will be bringing a second wave of whoop-ass to the voting booth come Nov 6th.”

    sounds like a conundrum to me.

  12. Redteam says:

    THE PRESIDENT SHOULD RESIGN, he has totally abdicated any responsibility for the operation of the presidency. An attack on an American Embassy is an attack on American soil. Obama apologized for offending them. What a clown.