Jun 29 2011

CO2 Does NOT Cause Climate Temperature Changes

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The long term (and I mean millennium-long term) record is clear. And it completely destroys recently hatched (and I mean in the last 20 years “recent”) unfounded theories by Global Warming Alarmists about the relationship between CO2 levels and Global Temperatures.

No amount of shoddy math, or smeared temperature readings from one site spreading across thousands of square kilometers, or cherry picked temperature sites that ignore contrary nearby data, or sparse historic readings from 100+ years ago with enormous error bars can change this record and these facts. A new view on current temperatures and CO2 levels shows – repeatedly – that CO2 only rises in response to a warming climate. CO2 does NOT drive the warming. End of story

Over very long periods of time as ice ages come and go, it has been found that temperature leads atmospheric CO2 content by about 800 years.

It is also evident that the red temperature graph generally precedes the black CO2 graph on turning points. This suggests that temperature drives CO2 and not the other way around. A comparison of the two series at different lags gives this second graph.

Here is the first graph, and note that while the two variables are coupled, CO2 makes its transition to follow temperature years after the temperature has changed direction [click to enlarge]:

This data shows warming occurs first (like when the Earth came out of the recent Little Ice Age around the end of the 1700’s and beginning of the 1800’s) and then the CO2 levels respond afterwards. Years afterwards. The CO2 line is like an echo of the temperature line.

This is from actual measurements – not those ridiculously error prone models the alarmists keep citing. Instead of looking at nature and seeing what is happening, the alarmists keep trying to torture their fantasies out of an ever shrinking set of dodgy data.

But when you do look at nature itself, and see what is happening, it is clear as day. CO2 is not driving the global temperature – it responds. This result in the modern record is identical to what is seen in the millennium-long ice core records, which show the exact same trailing response to temperature changes by CO2 levels [click to enlarge]:

Now we see things that are very elemental to the theory of man-made warming. Things that destroy the theory completely. We can now see an 800 year lag in the CO2 response to warming temperatures. Not driving temperature, responding to temperature. This is why time was sped up in the chart above – to hide the lag!

Ice cores are great proxies because the link between temperature, CO2 and the make up of the ice is driven by chemistry. It is a physical process with little and consistent ambiguity. Unlike tree proxies (living organisms) which have many conflicting factors effecting growth and very few samples which make the connection hazy at best. The chemistry makes the historical record crystal clear (pun intended).

Here we have complete and unambiguous agreement between the long term record and the modern record. Two totally different methods of comparing CO2 to temperature agreeing without any uncertainty. Both modern measurements and calculations derived from ice deposited over 100’s of thousands of years show the same inconvenient truth.

And that is CO2 levels in the atmosphere do not drive Global Climate. They respond to Global Climate.

Someone wake up the morons at the IPCC and see if they are still capable of opening their eyes to the world around them.

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One Response to “CO2 Does NOT Cause Climate Temperature Changes”

  1. WWS says:

    Your points are unassailable, unarguable, and brilliant.

    But they are also going to prove to be completely irrelevant to the IPCC, to the warmists, and to the MSM cheerleaders. These facts, as much as anything can, should prove the point I have become convinced of and have been trying to make people on our side realize lately:

    Science no longer has *Anything* to do with any of this.

    Because of that, there is NO scientific evidence of any kind that will change the minds of the warmists or lessen their push to take over the economy. What we are facing is a combination of pseudo-religious fanaticim and a naked play for vastly increased power and control.

    “We’ve got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing, in terms of economic policy and environmental policy. ” – Timothy Wirth quoted in Science Under Siege by Michael Fumento, 1993

    That’s what we’re up against. Actual Science is now irrelevant to the issue – as will be proved again when you see that the collective reaction to the facts you just laid out will be – nothing at all. Australia’s Labor Govm’t is still instituting a carbon tax; The NYT is still going to write that a FOI request (legal and required) is the same thing as a death threat, if it embarrarses the warmists.

    We are facing opponents who cannot be reasoned with – they must be crushed politically, if we are to survive.