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Jun 29 2011

CO2 Does NOT Cause Climate Temperature Changes

The long term (and I mean millennium-long term) record is clear. And it completely destroys recently hatched (and I mean in the last 20 years “recent”) unfounded theories by Global Warming Alarmists about the relationship between CO2 levels and Global Temperatures. No amount of shoddy math, or smeared temperature readings from one site spreading across […]

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Jun 03 2009

Man Made Global Warming Is A Man Made Hoax

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When someone claims “the end of the Earth is near” and demands tens of trillions of dollars to correct it, people should be a lot more skeptical than they have been. First, there better be proof of the end of the world coming. And whatever proof there is better be able to stand up to […]

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Jun 15 2008

China Produces More Hot Air Than US

Global Warming is not primarily due to CO2 levels in the atmosphere.  That much is clear since we have just completed a decade of flat or slightly cooling global temperatures while CO2 output continues to rise.  Now a study has demonstrated that the US is not the world’s leader in CO2 production.  China has leapt […]

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