Apr 28 2011

Who Won Birther Debacle?

There are three main groups at play in the Obama-Birther nonsense. So who won and who lost the last news cycle?

(3) The Birthers: No doubt the big losers. They are being (rightfully) ridiculed in the media. Like Trig-mongers who attack Sarah Palin, the Birthers missed the memo on how Americans are fed up with partisan foolishness. The only requirement right now for a candidate of either party to win elect ion is a modicum of maturity and backbone, with strong resistance to these stupid political stunts. The “Donald” was the laughing stock of the news cycle as he went in front of the microphones and patted himself on the back. Not one serious proposal about jobs, the debt and deficits, nor the economy. Just a promise to go after Obama’s school records. LOSER!

(2) President Obama: Half win, half lose. He went on a political road show with his BC and attempted to caste his thin-skin into a shield of aloofness. The fact still remains he jumped into the gutter two years too late in a . The fact he ignited racial insecurities in the African American community only underlines the President’s political motivations. He needs some juice on his side of the political debate – thus the current spectacle. Whoopi’s ‘race card’ blow up yesterday just put all race neutral independents on notice. Neither side is clean in this mess, though Obama is cleaner than his critics.

(3) Winners: Everyone who stayed above the fray. While the Birthers and Trig-Mongers wrestle in the political sewers, the rest of the company is looking for answers. Everyone who stayed out of the fringes is looking great right now.

Update: Anyone wishing to continue down the loser path of birtherism just remember – only the truly fevered support the Trig-mongers on the left. The mirror does not lie.

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26 Responses to “Who Won Birther Debacle?”

  1. WWS says:

    what a spectacle! I’m not sure that Obama is even a half winner; he looks stupid for having sat on this for 2 1/2 years. Clearly his team must have thought it was a political advantage to keep this going, but that calculation changed. Now he looks weak for having been forced to take action by someone with no power (Trump) and foolish for waiting until he was forced to do it.

    I gotta agree that the only ones who win in a mudfight are those who stay out of it. Probably kills any slim chance Trump had, but what was Trump? A big mouth, a big ego, a flash in the pan. Expendable. I hope more expendables go after Obama the way he did. Every one grinds The One down a little bit more.

    that, btw, is why all the other GOP candidates are being so reticent at going after Obama. They’re all angling to be the Last Man Standing and hoping others will be the ones to make the first move.

    This morning, I’m waiting for the AGW warmists to jump out and blame all of the bad weather in the south the last 2 days on Global!!! Warming!!!! (excuse me, Climate!!! Change!!!!)

    If we would only make a sacrifice all of our worldly possessions by giving them to the High Priests of Gaia these kinds of things would never happen again. Right?

  2. ivehadit says:

    It is my opinion that the Alinkyites are trying to de-neuter inspection of all obama documents by using this colb red herring… which, btw, appears to have been altered according to a Thomas Lifson article at American Thinker.

    Be very, very careful when dealing with these people. Nothing they do is without a purpose, deceptive purpose, imho. Have we not seen this, again, again and again?

    At the very least, why these people think they are special and don’t have to provide common, standard documents of presidential candidates is dispicable to me. They have and continue to make a MOCKERY of our Constitution and its requirements.

    AJ, it is intellectually dishonest what these people have done and are continuing to do, withholding commonly disclosed information. That is a boundary violation and that produces anger in those who are being violated.

    If this “colb” is the real deal, it is outrageous that it was withheld for the fancy of this man who currently occupies our house, to tweak his enemies. This is leadership?

    There is nothing honorable in what obama has done, imho, here. It’s all about power. And Trump is the only one who can power-out this guy, imho.

  3. dorsai_mail says:

    I don’t beleive Trump was ever a true birther … he wanted to force Obama to respond to him and saw the certificate issue as the hot button he could push to get that response …

    he has now removed one of the campaign clubs from the Obama toolbox …

    should he manage to force Obama to release his college transcripts he will have taken the shine off of the myth of Obamas “genius” …

    Trump wants Obama out for his own monetary reasons, its that simple …

    He doesn’t need to engage Obama over serious issues, although he may be able to garner some responses to things like the debt if he keeps up the pressure …

    I beleive he wants to bring Obama out from behind the media curtain of myths and show him for what he is … a community organizer who is in over his head …

  4. ivehadit says:

    dorsai, that is exactly what I believe. And because Trump is not an ideologue, he has the “standing” to power-out this group that has taken over the democrat party, imho.

  5. scaulen says:

    Lets just say I know a bit about fixing documents, and the PDf looked weird but I didn’t take the time to dig into it. But someone else did and the weird parts I noticed on the document with just a mark one eyeball are what they are finding in the multiple layers.


  6. lurker9876 says:

    I think Donald Trump is emerging as the winner. Didn’t he say that he believed that Obama was born in Hawaii but wanted Obama to release his LFBC? He wasn’t a birther.

    Now he’s demanding that Obama release his college papers.

    The fact that Obama spent two million dollars on this and putting a soldier in jail, etc., made him the loser. Completely a loser.

    That’s just me.

  7. AJ,

    Obama issuing his long form birth certificate changes nothing.

    The Obama birth certificate fiasco was simply a cultural/political lightning rod where people who don’t like Obama for his “not like them” persona can park their emotional/political discomforts or fears.

    The resolution of the issue will simply see some people retain the “birther” problem and others park thier fears & discomforts about Obama on another lightning rod.

  8. lurker9876 says:

    I see the BC as part of a bigger picture and that big picture addresses the ideology, principles, character, morals, integrity, and values of Obama. His decisions and record in the last two years are reflective of his ideology encapsulating his principles, morals, character, integrity, and values (or lack thereof). As well as how he was raised by his parents, mentors, grandparents, etc. As well as his connections.

    Furthermore, his decisions and record affect our country, liberties, and wallets.

  9. Highlander says:

    I echo lurker’s sentiments. But I also see the BC issue as part of a whole when looked at in terms of the fictional narrative that Obama has created for himself. Most people leave a paper trail through the course of their lives that tell anyone who cares to look, a great deal about that person. Obama’s secrecy about his own paper trail reflects his concern about it not corroborating the history he has created for himself – and for us. The BC represents nothing of significance in and of itself, and it looks completely mundane, but when viewed as a small piece of Obama’s secret, it makes a lot more sense.

    Obama’s fear is that, having been forced by political events to reveal his BC, the pressure will increase to reveal more and more about his true self. A self that bears no resemblance to the fictional chararcter he has created. He knows that if it were to happen, for many Americans (too many for him to have a chance at re-election), the spell will be broken.

  10. ivehadit says:

    The spell will indeed be broken. For those who can’t see it, I don’t know what to say.

  11. ivehadit says:

    And I want to add that in many ways, the Alinskyites are psychologically abusing us on many levels. Ask Robyn of Berkeley what I mean…

  12. dbostan says:

    Obama did not gain anything.
    He was forced to make this move, and we know from chess, a forced move is not good.
    He can not play this card by the last moment during the 2012 campaign, as he would have done had Trump not forced him now.
    Besides, those who are skeptic about this issue(s) will not be mollified by this move.
    There are already serious questions raised about info in layers of the document.
    I have no dog in this fight, but people have all the rights in the world to ask for all the hidden stuff.

    As for Trump it is hard not to see this as a win for him.
    He forced O to make this move and he proved once again he holds the balls of almost all other repubics in the race…

  13. KauaiBoy says:

    Trump is only seeking attention which is the hallmark of his fame. IMHO he is one of the worst “businessmen” despite FOX’s promotion of him. I know–I have audited some of his messes—he created the bailout. If he is elected, the country will go the way of Atlantic City, that great gambling ghetto by the sea.

    This country has to do better than bobo or some guy with a skull mullet. Christie and Bachmann sounds nice to me.

  14. crosspatch says:

    Donald Trump is a Clinton Democrat. What I see going on is an interesting work of strategy. Trump is basically dishing out payback to Obama for the 2012 election as payback for the Obama campaign’s dirty tricks against the Hillary ’08 campaign.

    He can’t do this as a Democrat as the DNC would be all over him for it. But doing it as a Republican serves two purposes at the same time. First he is able to openly criticize Obama and maybe have a negative impact on his 2012 re-election campaign.

    It also dilutes Republicans from consolidating their support behind one candidate.

    The Clintons have a history of recruiting life-long Democrats as sudden turncoat Republican challengers. Perot is an example.

    The question is: who does a Trump candidacy damage more, the Republicans or the Democrats. That it damages both is not a question.

  15. Redteam says:

    It’s easy to see that obama is playing the people as suckers. We all know he could have afforded to at least publish a fake BC that it would take an expert to reveal. This one can be determined to be fake by anyone that looks at it. It’s not even certified to be anything other than an abstract of what is on file. In fact, it’s not certified to be anything, there is no certification stamp on the document. I suspect obama’s crew was rolling on the floor laughing their A** off when he published it. And they weren’t laughing at me. They were laughing at those that swallow it hook, line and sinker. And, as has been said thousands of times, as long as BHO Sr is the father, BHO Jr can never be a natural born citizen, a constitutional requirement for president.

    I don’t understand the comparison between people that want to uphold the constitution by ensuring that the president is a natural born citizen and people that want to slur a Downs syndrome kid. kinda like apples and oranges.

  16. ivehadit says:

    Did you read what Michael Cohen, Trumps right hand guy has said? They are very concerned about the future of the country. Imho, they are capitalists first and foremost. And they see the destruction of capitalism as the priority of the ones in our House right now…which hurts them directly.

    Trump just took out obama’s bc card which is great by me. Next up….the college records. And then next…

  17. MerlinOS2 says:

    The birth certificate long firm pretty much stated what most had expected and it really sheds light on the fact that there was nothing to protect but major efforts were put forward to do so.

    As to early reactions saying a forgery I apply the 72 hour rule to that one because it would really take a lot of gall to try to pawn off something that based on the examination the COLB got you have to know it will be gone over with a fine tooth comb every way but loose.

    No as a strict constructionist I want legislation for proof of natural born citizenship to be defined and not left to the common law basis and I want it to specify whom the proof is filed with.

    My suggestion on that is with the Speaker of the House since they are the one who certifies the candidates to the Electoral College.

    If you look at the wiki article on natural born citizen you see how it depends on common law historic usage and multiple Presidents and candidates have become tangled in the issue over our history.

    Citizens always get noted to have a ‘lack of legal standing’ when ruled by the courts because the intended remedy is in the Electoral College itself to challenge the eligibility of any candidate presented to them.

    With the advent of a more mobile and world traveler reality it becomes even more important that this legislation be advanced to provide clarity and certainty to the process.

    So the operative question is just what ‘proof’ did Pelosi rely on when she certified him as eligible for the office?

  18. Redteam says:

    Merlin, I pretty well agree with you. what did Pelosi rely on? ‘she really, really wanted him to win” that’s about it.
    The House should be required to ‘require’ proof, not just a statement that someone is eligible. some people might actually lie to get something like the presidency (see Barack Obama)
    Merlin, with your background, you know that documentation is required for operating systems. You ever wonder why no documentation was required to be in the election of the president? Your statement that the long form stated what most expected. My difference with you on that is: it didn’t state anything. Without a certification stamp it is just a piece of paper that could have blown in with the wind. I kinda wonder why, with all the importance this was going to have, is that they couldn’t get anyone to certify it as a true copy. Kinda like, they didn’t want to be sentenced to a long jail term for certifying falsely. that’s why I stated above that they were all ROTFLTAO.
    They remember well what PT Barnum said about ‘someone’ being born every minute. In the ‘is this a fake’ category, you don’t need the 72 hours. 72 seconds is more than enough time.

    I actually heard Juan Williams say on ‘Follow the Money” last night that they “added the green border to make it look more like what people think a birth certificate should look like”
    Well, that’s certainly not the only thing that was added to make it look like what some people wanted it to look like.

  19. lurker9876 says:

    You know…Nancy is pretty dumb to understand constitutional law. Neither would her lawyers.

    There’s that issue with the name of the country his father came from.

    So why did Obama wait so long before releasing his BC?

  20. crosspatch says:

    Well, they might want to have a look at the financial records of Michelle’s law firm like they did Hillary’s.

    So far the most interesting thing about Obama’s college career is that nobody seems to remember him from Columbia University. He isn’t listed by either name he used during that time period on any university document, yearbook, graduation program, etc. Nothing. So nobody can place him there, no documents can be found placing him there.