Apr 28 2011

Who Won Birther Debacle?

There are three main groups at play in the Obama-Birther nonsense. So who won and who lost the last news cycle?

(3) The Birthers: No doubt the big losers. They are being (rightfully) ridiculed in the media. Like Trig-mongers who attack Sarah Palin, the Birthers missed the memo on how Americans are fed up with partisan foolishness. The only requirement right now for a candidate of either party to win elect ion is a modicum of maturity and backbone, with strong resistance to these stupid political stunts. The “Donald” was the laughing stock of the news cycle as he went in front of the microphones and patted himself on the back. Not one serious proposal about jobs, the debt and deficits, nor the economy. Just a promise to go after Obama’s school records. LOSER!

(2) President Obama: Half win, half lose. He went on a political road show with his BC and attempted to caste his thin-skin into a shield of aloofness. The fact still remains he jumped into the gutter two years too late in a . The fact he ignited racial insecurities in the African American community only underlines the President’s political motivations. He needs some juice on his side of the political debate – thus the current spectacle. Whoopi’s ‘race card’ blow up yesterday just put all race neutral independents on notice. Neither side is clean in this mess, though Obama is cleaner than his critics.

(3) Winners: Everyone who stayed above the fray. While the Birthers and Trig-Mongers wrestle in the political sewers, the rest of the company is looking for answers. Everyone who stayed out of the fringes is looking great right now.

Update: Anyone wishing to continue down the loser path of birtherism just remember – only the truly fevered support the Trig-mongers on the left. The mirror does not lie.

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  1. Redteam says:

    yeah, there was reportedly one class of 10 political science students that Obama was supposed to be in and not a single one of the other nine remember him. In fact, the other nine recalled that there was only nine in the class. That was just one of the quirks I read about his time at Columbia. So far, not one single solitary human recalls ever seeing Obama at Columbia. He didn’t give any transcript to either Columbia or Harvard to get in.
    I can’t see how anyone can be called racist toward obama because we don’t have a clue what his race is. His mother is listed as Caucasian and his father as African. There are huge numbers of Caucasian Africans, therefore he may be 100% Caucasian. (well, we gotta believe that forgery, er, uh, I mean his Birth Abstract.)

    I was gonna guess that the time he was supposed to be at columbia is when he was up in Connecticut getting his Social Security number. uh, no, that was a different year…1977 I believe. Wonder how they managed to leave that little gem off his birth abstract. All those that are not ‘birthers’ explain his Social Security number so that we can understand it.. If you need his SSN, just google it. It’s widely available. No LifeLock needed there…

  2. Frogg1 says:

    The real loser is the MSM. We’ll have to wait to see how the rest shakes out for Trump, birthers, or Obama.

  3. oneal lane says:

    It looks to me like Trump (egomaniac) is the big winner, he flushed Obama (egomaniac) out, when no one else would.

    The big loser(s) are all the folks who, via this incident, think Trump would be a good candidate or President.

    I hope this does not turn into a Perot incident.

  4. crosspatch says:

    I was listening to a radio show this morning (a local show, not syndicated, but it is Brian Sussman who has filled in for Levin a few times). A guest called in with an interesting way of putting it.

    Going back as far as the caller can remember, every President’s life was an open book. Obama works hard to keep his closed. The guy also grew up in Hawaii. When Obama was going to school, the private school he went to was about $7,000 a year which was a HUGE sum at that time. Who was paying for that? His mom didn’t have the money. Then Obama goes to Occidental on mediocre grades. He had no academic or sports scholarship. Who paid for that? Same with Harvard and Columbia. Those are expensive schools. Who was paying for that and why?

    Neither Obama’s name (neither under Obama nor the other name he was using during those years, his stepfather’s name) shows up on any documents at Columbia that anyone has been able to find.

    Now you have a guy that works for a couple of non-profits, spends some time in the state legislature, spends a little time in the Senate. Doesn’t vote on more bills than he does vote for, and suddenly the guy is President?

    I do believe there is someone at work behind this and they are working very hard to prevent much scrutiny of Obama’s background.

  5. WWS says:

    Trump last night made an absolutely pathetic, populist speech which should be the beginning of the end for him. Heard a bit of Steyn taking him down today, and yes, Trump’s ideas about fixing the economy’s problems are ludicrous. His thoughts about oil and Saudi Arabia are along the same lines as a junkie thinking he is going to march into his dealer’s lair and demand that the price of heroin be cut dramatically.

    It don’t work that way. There’s a reason junkies always crumble, and a reason why dealers always hold the whip hand. Anyone who doesn’t understand how that works is destined to be broken by their own foolishness. (just like the current administration)

    Same thing applies to China – China now holds the whip hand over us thanks to our incredible debt. We *have* to solve our debt before we even dare to threaten anyone else around
    the world. Trump needs to study a little thing called Smoot-Hawley before he starts a new international trade war. If he really wants to kick off Great Depression II his ideas
    are a pretty good place to start, but that is *all* they are good for.

    It’s not that I “like” the Saudi’s, or the Chinese – I don’t. But there are constructive, intelligent ways to face those problems, and there are ways that guarantee absolute destruction for this
    country – like Trump’s.


  6. Redteam says:

    PHD, oh my, it just keeps getting Piled Higher and Deeper

    “This evidence shows that baby Obama was examined at Kapi’olani within days after his birth by a physician able to legally attest an original birth record issued, not by the hospital, but by the Hawaiian Department of Health (HDOH). Kapi’olani hospital has never issued or confirmed an original record for the birth of Barack Obama within its facility to date. The HDOH is able to legally name the hospital in its original “Certificate of Live Birth” Regisration document based on the fact that, if it is the location of the first examination of a newborn child by a physician there, the doctor triggers the birth location in absence of any other birth location information.

    Simply put, Obama was not born in Kapi’olani, but he was examined for the first time there.

    This week, Obama released a long-form “Certificate of Live Birth” document which adds merely three more pieces of information about his natal biography than we previously knew from the fallow “Certification of Live Birth” heavily lauded by his defenders as the holy grail of his eligibility. Now, with this new and improved ‘Holier Grail”, historical evidence shows that this document only detracts from Obama’s effort to confirm his eligibility and that it would best be described as a ‘Long-form Certificate of Live Birth Registration’ created by administrative procedure, not a hospital.

    The information provided in the recently revealed HDOH “Certificate of Live Birth” Registration document, when combined with an understanding of Hawaiian vital statistics records laws and reporting procedures, shows that this “Certificate of Live Birth” registration was legally produced by the HDOH without Obama actually being born in the hospital named within it, and that the doctor, by affixing his signature, was only required to attest an original record based on his examination of the newborn Obama Jr., not as an attending physician during the actual delivery, but rather as the first physician to actually see the child alive and in good health.”

    link to full article here.

    So that’s why no one will certify the abstract..