Sep 05 2010

Pelosi To Dems: Sacrifice Yourselves To Save Me!

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I don’t get Democrats and their slavish adherence to the liberals in DC. Why would anyone risk their entire life’s work to salvage Nancy Pelosi? But that is what the Speaker is asking of all Democrats, she is asking Democrats to put it all on the line to save her job:

To hold the line against Republicans, the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, issued an urgent plea for members in safe districts to help their endangered colleagues by contributing money. She called out to Democrats who were delinquent on paying their party dues and instructed members with no re-election worries to tap into a combined $218 million from their campaign accounts to help save their majority.

“We need to know your commitment,” Pelosi wrote to lawmakers last week in a private letter, demanding that they call her within 72 hours to explain how they plan to help.

She added, “The day after the election, we do not want to have any regrets.”

What if a ‘safe’ Democrat was safe because they had a reputation of being independent of Pelosi and her liberal henchmen? Clearly Pelosi is ready to punish any members who do not surrender to her job saving needs, and she will use liberal muscle to enact that punishment.

I think Pelosi is nuts here. There are 250+ jobs at stake and she expects members (and their voters) to risk everything for her? Why? There will be more elections in the future, after redistricting. If you aren’t an aging liberal dinosaur, you might want to hold your money for 2012, when things will be just as bad, if not worse.

In reality, this is all a waste of time. If money and slick PR messaging was going to turn the Democrats’ nightmare around it would have already happened. You cannot hide endless months of high unemployment, historic levels of debt and deficits, plans to raise the cost of living through energy controls, or the forced confiscation of everyone’s PRIVATE health care plans (throwing us all into the failing Medicare/Medicaid plans). These things cannot be spun away. You cannot drive the attention of the voter from these self-evident truths onto some wildly exaggerated and mythical problem with the GOP opponent.

The Dem’s ‘fire wall’ is a garden house facing a firestorm of anger. Money will not stop or divert the voters come November – no more than it stimulated the economy. Because money buys nothing. It is the spirit, energy and optimism of the American people who make things happen, who create jobs and money. Liberals just never get it. And that is why they are losing in the first place. This ‘fire wall’ is one more insult to the intelligence of the American voter.

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  1. AJ,

    Money buys paid union vote getters and corruption among vote counters.

    The problem is that the swing districts Democrats won in 2006 and 2008 don’t have enough of the people union vote getters can turn out or the kind of corrupt vote counters for money works for to matter this year.

  2. AJ,

    This is what has Pelosi panicked and crying for money.

    She is facing up-ballot collapse among Democratic governors, particularly in the mid-west.


    The private sub-text of Pelosi’s public messages is that telling these safe seat Democrats that if they don’t save her majority. They are going to get redistricted out of existence by Republican governors in their states as a part of the Democratic minority.

    IOW, If Pelosi saves those seats, they are going to save a lot of those Democratic governors.

    If they don’t, and protect themselves this cycle. They face well funded Republicans in 2012 with Obama at the top of the ticket and with new House district lines redrawn in ways that hurt them the most.

  3. WWS says:

    She’s still laboring under the idea that more money is going to make a change in the outcome.

    That’s like a French General thinking that all he needs is more troops and Victory at Verdun will be his.

    or that our current fiscal problem can be solved if only people, and governments, would borrow some more money.

    It’s a mindset that still thinks that all they need to is to keep doing what they are doing, but do it better and do more of it. They cannot comprehend – it is the very nature of what they are doing at its most fundamental level that is what has failed. The more they do of it the greater will be the failure.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    Good! I have enough of Obama-Reid-Pelosi.

    All you have to do as part of the GOTV drive is mention these three names and get a response from anyone in the street, “I HATE THEM! I’m voting them out!”

    Don’t need to talk about principles, ideology, repeal of ObamaCare, and so on. Don’t even need to do much talking because we all end up saying similar things.

    I cannot believe how Obama campaigned for allowing those tax cuts to expire in 2011, how the Democrats intentionally want those tax “cuts” (not really) to expire, and now they’re fighting over how much to expire and not expire.

    Good grief. Even if they prolong the expiration of tax cuts, all or any part of it, that ain’t gonna save them.

  5. lurker9876 says:

    wws, exactly what Karl Rove said about Reid’s 11 million. Karl says that you can spend only so much to a point to be effective. After that, nothing.

    You notice Mostyn pouring money into the Democratic races, including Bill White. He has been advertising about Ike and I thought, “HHhmmm,….I’ll never give him my services!”

    Remember Rush Limbaugh saying that he wants Obama to fail and how the liberals went vitriolic over him and his comment?

    Rush has been vindicated in many ways than just one person. He made a reference to Obama. And Obama and the Democrats are failing.

    And he knows why. Obama and those Dems do not believe in the founding principles that would make our country the most prosperous, wealthy, AND strong country in the world. All they believe in is power, greed, money, and influence.

    Their words of “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” have become empty rhetoric after their massive legislation being passed with backroom deals and vote bribery.

    I read yesterday’s Houston Chronicle. As I turned the page to he political section, I saw the headline of Paul Krugman’s article indicating that the reason the stimulus bill from last year failed is because it was too small.

    Good grief. He still believes in the Keynesian concepts. I am not an expert on economics but just enough to understand that there is a lot of historical evidence demonstrating that the Keynesian concepts fail no matter how much money is poured in.

  6. ElvenPhoenix says:

    Lurker –

    I find it amazing that many political sites have the Texas governorship listed as a toss-up between Rick Perry and Bill White…however much money the Dems are sinking into this race I don’t think it’s working very well. My husband, a Texan born and bred, had no idea who Bill White was until I told him last night – and he’s more in tune to politics than many people are around here.

    Of course, we do live in Collin County, quite possibly the reddest county in Texas…

  7. archtop says:

    The only “firewall” the Democrats have left now is to use all their available money (hence the plea from Pelosi) to fund as much negative advertising as they can. They will fire every pistol, rifle, grenade, and canon they have in their arsenal – a “scorched earth” strategy like no other. And the MSM will assist them at every turn – they won’t be discreet at all, since everyone knows now their integrity is hopelessly comprised. Likewise the Unions and other special interests.

    If the Democrats are able to eek out even a one seat majority in the House, it will be seen as a major victory. No one is expecting (realistically) to take the Senate, but holding the line there will also been seen as a victory.

    In the end, I hope the new “scorched earth firewall” will only serve to enrage the public even more than they are now.

    And we will need to be prepared to fight back in kind…

  8. dhunter says:

    Sorry to preach here AJ but,

    DO NOT go to the polls alone only counting for ONE vote. Take a formerly disinterested or converted Dem with you. Carry voter registrations and absentee ballot requests with you in your car and register those that will go and order absentee ballots for those who can’t or won’t.
    In short make your ONE vote count for 3-5 and bury the curroptocrats now!

    They seek to end freedom as we know it and make us beholden to Gov’t. There are no Blue Dogs only liars and Demrat handmaidens, VOTE EM OUT! NOW!

  9. WWS says:

    Mostyn is pumping money in because he and his firm still hope they can turn tort reform over, the thing they’ve never forgiven George W. for. In other words, all of the money they spend on electing democrats is spent ONLY because they have high hopes that Dems will help them rip off the public in far more massive ways than they can today.

    They hope that a $1 million investment will result in $100 million of loot. That’s all there is to it, and this is true for most of the dem’s biggest supporters. It’s not about ideology, or dreams of the future, or anything remotely connected to what the rest of us call doing what is “right”.

    It is premeditated thievery, pure and simple. Dems are the Party of Thieves, and every thief in this country, big and small, is falling all over themselves to try and keep the gravy train coming.

    Btw, I’m in New Orleans this weekend, spending time with relatives. Had a great cajun meal on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain last night! Yep they all hate Obama down here – he ain’t got no friends left in Louisiana! Watched LSU win last night while we ate, they ALMOST blew the win at the last minute. Conservatives should take a lesson about Follow-Thru from that!

    And this Sunday’s Time-Picayune has the best writeup about the technical causes of the BP oil spill I’ve seen yet, specifically how a number of money saving design decisions made months before the explosion all combined to create and aggravate the disaster.

    good reading for anyone who’s interested in the engineering POV:

  10. ivehadit says:

    wws, were you at Deanie’s or on the Wharf? Or at the sports bar on West End? I have forgotten the names… haven’t been out there in several years so I don’t know which restaurants made it after Katrina.

  11. ivehadit says:

    The restaurant on the wharf used to be Fitzgerald’s…remember that?

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  13. WWS says:

    We were in a place on the water in Madisonille, which is right next to Mandeville, which is where you are when you get off the north end of the Pontchartrain Causeway. It’s actually an inlet from the lake where a lot of people keep their (large) boats.

    Friends Coastal Restaurant, opening photo here is from the outdoor dining patio, where we were. Weather was perfect!

    Great menu, and a lot of fun! The people with the boats all were having cookouts and barbecues in a row next to the restaurant, along the way, and every now and then you would here a big cheer come up from the whole row. What happened? “LSU just scored again!!!”

    Now today I just got back from an afternoon in the city – we took the St. Charles Avenue Trolley all the way from Carrolton down to Canal Street and back, stopped off to eat at a place with some fantastic Lebanese food down in the Garden District, and now we’re back at my sis-in-law’s in Harahan where her daughter is going to make us her signature curry dish tonite. Yikes, I’m gonna have to find a way to NOT eat for a week when I get back!

    New Orleans trolley:

    And while you’ll there’s no denying the problems in the areas that haven’t been rebuilt yet, I have seen a *lot* of energy and spirit and rebuilding going on in all of the areas where the people have the money and the will to do it on their own. Those people who have been waiting on the government to help them – well, they’re still waiting and in a big picture kind of way it may just be all to the good that they are. N.O. doesn’t need them – it needs, and has, the people who are going to rebuild it with their own hands.

    Most of the neighborhoods and towns to the west of the Quarter have been completely rebuilt, and are back to what they were before Katrina, if not better. (okay, given the cleanup of the schools and the local government, they’re definitely better!) The areas that haven’t been touched yet – probably better for all concerned to let the River have those places back. The River always gets what it wants sooner or later, it’s foolish to stand in its way. At least that what the oldtimers down here all say.

  14. Neo says:

    This is great news for 2012. Tap them out.

  15. lurker9876 says:

    funny you mention LSU. My husband went to school there. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in EE with minor in aerospace engineering.

    it’s best to let the river have those areas back. Amazing how people rise up to do things for themselves. When Ike came through, Ike didn’t get the hype that Katrina got. We all took care of ourselves. For example, we had several ice chests so we loaned the extra ones to our neighbors. One of them loaned us a chainsaw to cut down our fallen trees, limbs, and branches. Our next door neighbor and my husband helped each other clean up our yards (i was out of town). We finally got our electricity back after five days but a neighbor about five houses down still had no electricity so we made extra ice for them. They were grateful for more ice.

    We lost most of our fence and our backyard faces a busy road (Hwy 3) so I left my dogs with my brother in Georgetown for almost two months until we got our fence back up.

    Amazing how people change after a disaster.

    Guess the people of Katrina did not make themselves useful.

  16. WWS says:

    “Guess the people of Katrina did not make themselves useful.”

    To be fair, some did and some didn’t. That’s not the hype the MSM puts on it, but that’s how it is.

    And the ones that have made themselves useful have had hard times, but they’re pulling through. The others don’t matter, and are already being forgotten.

  17. Dividist says:

    No one would be happier than me to see the Dems lose Congress. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Do not underestimate Nancy Pelosi and the difficulty of flipping the house.

    Think of her as a cornered wounded tigress protecting her cubs.

    Right now, I’m seeing a lot of over-confidence on the right, and it makes me nervous.

  18. lurker9876 says:

    Yes, there is a lot of over-confidence. We still have NOT won the elections yet. And we can lose it to the Dems again.

    And even if the Republicans won in November, they can screw it up.

  19. lurker9876 says:

    Saw this article in yesterday’s Chron:

    Major Democratic donors shift donations to the right

    If the temperature in Washington is determined by the smell of money, then this summer is very hot indeed.

    The rich are not happy.

    Major political action committees and employees of the nation’s largest business empires have dramatically shifted their money to the right. A detailed analysis of 2010 campaign cycle contributions by the Houston Chronicleshows that Republicans are catching up with Senate Democrats in campaign fundraising. Donations to the Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)-led Senate Democratic Campaign Committee (DSCC) have dropped 25 percent this year alone.

    “Employees of 126 businesses that had donated money to Senate Democrats in the 2008 campaign have switched all or most of their 2010 contributions to the Republicans, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission reports by the Houston Chronicle,” Stewart Powell and Yang Wang report.

    Atop the list of those shifting the flow of their fortunes, the reporting duo add, include “prominent Wall Street firms… energy companies, manufacturers, lobbying operations and other groups with a monetary stake in Capitol Hill deliberations.”

    They should have paid attention to Obama’s words during the campaign (and before it also) AND read both of his books AND read Michelle’s thesis AND quit listening to the LSM AND stop listening to LSM’s vetting of Sarah Palin AND … AND … AND …

  20. lurker9876 says:

    www, yeah, you’re right. I misattributed to N.O. as a group that didn’t do anything. I remember a black lady arguing before a panel in Houston that Houston will no longer pay her rent and extra money and that it’s time for her to look for a place to live. She ranted and ranted and ranted.

    Turned out that she spent that extra money on a huge and fancy TV.