Sep 05 2010

Pelosi To Dems: Sacrifice Yourselves To Save Me!

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I don’t get Democrats and their slavish adherence to the liberals in DC. Why would anyone risk their entire life’s work to salvage Nancy Pelosi? But that is what the Speaker is asking of all Democrats, she is asking Democrats to put it all on the line to save her job:

To hold the line against Republicans, the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, issued an urgent plea for members in safe districts to help their endangered colleagues by contributing money. She called out to Democrats who were delinquent on paying their party dues and instructed members with no re-election worries to tap into a combined $218 million from their campaign accounts to help save their majority.

“We need to know your commitment,” Pelosi wrote to lawmakers last week in a private letter, demanding that they call her within 72 hours to explain how they plan to help.

She added, “The day after the election, we do not want to have any regrets.”

What if a ‘safe’ Democrat was safe because they had a reputation of being independent of Pelosi and her liberal henchmen? Clearly Pelosi is ready to punish any members who do not surrender to her job saving needs, and she will use liberal muscle to enact that punishment.

I think Pelosi is nuts here. There are 250+ jobs at stake and she expects members (and their voters) to risk everything for her? Why? There will be more elections in the future, after redistricting. If you aren’t an aging liberal dinosaur, you might want to hold your money for 2012, when things will be just as bad, if not worse.

In reality, this is all a waste of time. If money and slick PR messaging was going to turn the Democrats’ nightmare around it would have already happened. You cannot hide endless months of high unemployment, historic levels of debt and deficits, plans to raise the cost of living through energy controls, or the forced confiscation of everyone’s PRIVATE health care plans (throwing us all into the failing Medicare/Medicaid plans). These things cannot be spun away. You cannot drive the attention of the voter from these self-evident truths onto some wildly exaggerated and mythical problem with the GOP opponent.

The Dem’s ‘fire wall’ is a garden house facing a firestorm of anger. Money will not stop or divert the voters come November – no more than it stimulated the economy. Because money buys nothing. It is the spirit, energy and optimism of the American people who make things happen, who create jobs and money. Liberals just never get it. And that is why they are losing in the first place. This ‘fire wall’ is one more insult to the intelligence of the American voter.

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  1. WWS says:

    No one really wants to come out and say publicly that N.O. is far better off because 100,000 parasites got kicked out of town permanently by Katrina….

    but that’s the truth of it. No one living there today want’s to see them come back. And they’re quietly making sure that they don’t.

    One last point on N.O. – I saw an article about “10 Failed American Cities”, a list which included Detroit, some other ghettoized, bankrupt cities, and N.O. I’ve got to disagree – N.O. has taken a huge hit, but when you’re here you realize that this is a city that has been up and down a lot of times in its history. This is one of the only cities to have been occupied by a hostile army, after all (1862) and is probably the only major city to have been sold for a price from one nation to another. (France to the US, 1804) The floods of ’27 did horrible damage, as did Hurricane Betsy in ’65.

    Point is, disaster and destruction in this city are shocking, but they’re part of the normal cycle that has been going on for almost 300 years down here. About every 40 or 50 years a big part of this city gets wiped out and a lot of people suffer, and then they build at all back and lessez les bon temps roulez, till the next time it gets knocked down again.

    That’s just life in the Big Easy.

  2. owl says:

    WWS, you have me starving for my favorite food. Nothing beats cajun, not even TX-Mex. Love how they mix it with music and the entire family dances, from Gramps to the youngest.

  3. WWS says:

    Last night on the tour was PreJeans in Lafayette, as we drove back to Texas. Duck & Andouille Gumbo, while Les Freures Michon played fiddle & squeezebox and the old people danced. Aiyeee!

    Every time I leave I start planning the next time I can go back.

  4. mojo says:

    Not gonna work, Nancy. Your veiled threat is only valid if you win, and that’s a long shot now. Ruling by fear has a limited half-life.