Dec 28 2009

Obama Just Destroyed Any Hope Of A Second Term

VP candidate Joe Biden once predicted President Obama would be tested on national security and would fail. Today is the day VP Biden predicted would come. Today President Obama came out to publicly address the nearly successful Christmas Day Massacre aboard a Northwest Airline flight into Detroit Michigan.

It has only been one day since President Obama’s totally incompetent and incoherent Secretary of Homeland Defense claimed on all the major talk shows that the ‘system worked’ like clockwork. It has been only hours since his incompetent and incoherent Secretary of Homeland Security had to admit she only meant things worked after a terrorist bomber with known ties to al Qaeda ignited a bomb on a commercial airline. A disturbingly sophisticated, powerful and stealthy bomb which the terrorist travelled to Yemen to obtain from al Qaeda. A man who was banned from entering the UK and whose father tried to alert the Obama administration that his son was a deadly menace.

After the administration admitted all that part of the system had not worked, the President dug his hole much deeper still.

In his speech he failed to convey the seriousness of the threat so obvious to every man, woman and child in the country. Instead of being more forceful about the threat, he instead played terrorist defense attorney. No one missed the gross error and naiveté exposed by this statements:

This incident, like several that have preceded it, demonstrates that an alert and courageous citizenry are far more resilient than an isolated extremist.”

This is not ‘an isolated extremist’ operating on his own. He was provided a sophisticated stealth bomb by al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen. A device that should have killed almost 300 people over Detroit. A bomb technology that doesn’t come from a garage or building supply store. A technology that will not fail the next time it is tried.

The terrorist was assisted in getting onto the plane and was provided the cash to purchase the ticket (one way, no baggage). He was not alone. Granted, it required denial and incompetence on our part to leave an opening, but the man was not ‘isolated’.

As Steve Hayes said on Fox News Special Report tonight, this is more what President Obama wishes this was all about, not the reality of our situation. Those who aided the terrorist come from a terrorist group lead by former GITMO detainees. It is likely the Imam who siren song called him to be a suicide bomber is the same who tipped Major Nidal Hasan into massacring Americans at Ft Hood earlier this year. This is all bad news for the administration, who would clearly prefer this was an isolated extremist.

Steve Hayes alluded to the Biden prediction of a failed test of leadership and competence. He reminded everyone that this is the first time Democrats have had to lead in the face of Islamo Terrorists since Jimmy Carter. It all began with their ignorant attempt to pretend there is no ‘war on terrorism’ – never uttering the words that shall not be uttered. In hindsight this foolishness just emphasizes how badly prepared for this test the DC liberals are.

President Obama has given this ‘alleged’ bomber full rights under the constitution. He is now under arrest. Therefore he is now innocent until proven guilty – even though he admits to being supported by, armed by and a follower of al Qaeda in Yemen. Instead of finding out how many other human ticking time bombs are out there with this kind of bomb (which will not be detecting on any other form of mass transportation, is cheap and will be made reliable) Obama plays into the terrorists highest hopes. He provides them legal cover.

The terrorist hoped a change in administration would expose America to renewed attacks.

It seems the terrorists idea of Hope & Change with the Obama administration are coming to fruition. Just as Obama just sealed his fate as another one term liberal disaster as President. No one is going to put the safety of their family in the hands of these Keystone Kops. If you miss these danger signs, you are to blinded by ideology to see the threats heading our way.

Sometimes you can feel when a tipping point has been breached. Watching Obama’s performance tonight was clearly one of those moments.

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18 Responses to “Obama Just Destroyed Any Hope Of A Second Term”

  1. Conquistadora says:

    AJ – While I agree wholeheartedly with the major thrust of your comments, I continue to disagree with you that this President is “naive”. Calling President Obama “naive” suggests he is just a bumbling fool. The President and his minions are taking deliberate actions and are working to an agenda that has clearly been in the planning and the making for many years by many people.

  2. Terrye says:

    I saw Special Report tonight and they just destroyed Obama. He is completely out of his depths now. And Charles had a good point, are they going to read this man his rights, or interrogate him? Do we even know?

  3. Mike M. says:

    Worse is in store, I fear. Al Qaeda has a history of picking a target and reattacking until they get it.

    Which means they will keep trying to blow up airliners.

    Except for the one they will crash into either the White House or Capital.

  4. kathie says:

    There was a jihadi who put one of those bombs up his rear and tried to kill the Saudi defense minister, he hurt him but didn’t kill him. It would be completely undetectable if several jihadis did the same thing and got on planes. I think that will be the next plan. I hope our no fly list is updated. Someone needs to ask Obama how many Americans he is prepared to lose before he believes we are at war.

  5. AJStrata says:


    I guess it all depends on where you view the administration. They my look smart to you, they are definitely imbeciles from where I sit.

  6. archtop says:

    Mike M.on 28 Dec 2009 at 10:11 pm

    “Worse is in store, I fear. Al Qaeda has a history of picking a target and reattacking until they get it.”

    Mike – I really hope you’re wrong, but if the unthinkable does happen and we’re attacked again within the US, Obama and his progressive leftists will be blamed and they will never recover – November 2010 can’t come too soon!

  7. dhunter says:

    This administration wants a crisis to further its aims… Power. It was ushered into office on a faux crisis and will create a real one if necesary to consolidate its grip on these United States.

    Obama has never won a free and fair election only ushered in by destroying his opponents with the help of the courts or our economy with the help of his financiers.

    He has no intention of having free and fair elections, but needs a crisis or several to impose martial law upon the citizenry and consolodate all power in his hands!

    He said when push comes to shove he will side with the Muslims and this is one of the few times I believe him!

  8. WWS says:

    Add in the fact that Obama *should* be saying a heck of a lot more about the Iranian situation – he finally spat out a few measly words, but real help? Nope, the Iranian protestors are on their own.

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  10. kathie says:


    BREAKING?? Iranian military units form “National Armed Resistance Forces Command (NIRU)” ^
    Posted on 12/28/2009 8:40:31 PM PST by Skywarner

    “The coordination center for National Iranian Armed Resistance Forces (NIRU) hereby declares its existence & accuses the current government and the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Mr. Sayyed Ali Khamenei of legal transgressions and high treason of nation and homeland.

    We, a number of Officers, Soldiers and personnel of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, hereby declare our readiness for rise to the armed defense of our nation against the forces of the criminal, illegitimate, transgressing and occupying current Government of Iran, and hereby inform our brothers and sisters serving with the armed security forces of Iran, invite them to join us, request their support and ask them to provide cover for us in this moral & national act. A special request for support & cooperation goes to our brothers of the Military Police.”

  11. WWS,

    From Ashura – A New Phase To The Revolution

    Public Statement of President Barack Obama on the Iranian regime’s brutality during Ashura:


    – – 27 Dec. 2009.

  12. jimharlow says:

    “Iranian military units form “National Armed Resistance Forces Command (NIRU)”

    This is a false-flag operation to flush out anti-Ayatollah sympathizers in the regular military. IRCG has all the moeny and authority to kill anyone inside or outside Iran with impunity. Watch as a blood-bath is filmed, and heavy breathing leftists decry the human tragedy…but in the end, no one will sacrifice current oil prices to help people who cannot help themselves and gladly voted these turds into their positions of authority.

    A nuclear Iran, with religious fanatics at the helm, will not end well for anyone.

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  14. dbostan says:

    Regarding his 2nd term, I remember a saying:
    “Nobody lost money betting against the people’s stupidity”…..
    But the guy is displaying a staggering tone deafness.

  15. AJ,

    Pres. Obama’s epic failure on jobs during his first year in office were what killed his reelection. Everything else is a matter of the public tuning out his talk in favor of his actions.

    “They ain’t listening to you any more, laddy!”

    Only preventing further terrorist attacks that kill Americans at home will count as far as the American public is concerned.

    The 12/25/2009 terrorist attack means Obama owns the war on terror just as much as he owns the economy.

    And there will be further Al-Qaeda airliner attacks.

    Al Qaeda has figured out how to smuggle bombs on board airliners undetectably by anything short of an invasive anal cavity search.

    This is from an e-mail list I participate in:

    News Flash, there is no way short of invasive anal cavity search to catch a “Booty bomb,” as not even a millimeter wave backscatter detection system can see a booty bomb, because it is inside bowels of the perspective suicide bomber.

    Now this is PROVIDED it’s done right. Done right means proper “clean technique” (oxymoronic alert — we are talking about something stuffed up the bowels.)

    Basically, after the balloon or ballons of explosive is packed and sealed, the person should place them in a cleansing solution that won’t deteriorate the balloons, put that container in a transfer point and get clean themselves.

    Not just shower, but use a change of disposable clothing. Preferably, in fact, a change of person doing the explosive packing.

    After cleaning he takes the item from the transfer point and finishs cleaning the packages, then inserts them in the carrier.

    As a one-man operation, the bomb carrier puts on a head cover, mask, lab gown and latex gloves, and packs the balloon(s).

    He then puts the balloons in a soap and water solution that’s in a sealable jar and then puts that into a cooler that barely holds it, that is sitting just outside the room.

    Then he throws away the covers.

    He then washs the cooler outside thoroughly and takes a thorough shower every day for two weeks.

    Ideally he also gets a haircut during this period as well.

    Then he dons new garb, opens the cooler and the jar, and dumps the balloon(s) into a NEW container.

    Then he takes the cooler and jar and moves them outside the room.

    He then starts washing the balloons, and finishs with a lot of fresh water rinsing.

    He then places the ballon(s) in a new jar with cleansing solution, puts that in a different cooler that’s just outside the room, and does a repeat of the two week cleansing process.

    Later, the carrier or an assistant pulls the balloons directly from the jar, lubes them, and inserts them.

    Yes, bowel control is an issue. It can be taught via the use of daily enemas of approximately the same volume and hold.

    Once two hours is attained, you go to smaller balloons (neutral contents) and do again.

    Reportedly, Colorado prison officals found that this was how cocaine was entering some of the prisons, even when drug sniffing dogs were being used.

    This is too much effort for most of the drug crews, but it could only get caught by visual (strip) search – spreading the bottom cheeks lets the balloons start to come out.

    This method was used by Al-Qaeda to attack a Saudi Prince and likely was used by Abdulmutallab during his 20 minute potty break.

    Al-Qaeda has the infiltration method, bomb strength, and bomb placement down pat, but still needs work on the ignition system.

    It is only a matter of time until the Islamists gets the “booty bomb” detonators right.

  16. BarbaraS says:

    I was wondering why it took Obama three days to address the public about this. Was He stoned? Did it take that long to sober him up? Was it booze or cocaine. Or did he not know what to say? Or did he just not care? Of course, as far as I am concerned he could have kept his trap shut. Any thing that comes out of his mouth is all lies anyway and no one wants to hear his false concern. He has said he is with the muslims and I believe him. All his actions so far have proven this.

    He has done his best to turn our allies against us on the slim hope that our enemies will quit trying to destroy us. At least that is what he says. My opinion, along with many others, is that he is the one trying to destroy this country and is succeeding very well. It is a sad, sad day when our president is the foremost enemy above all others in the world.

  17. BarbaraS says:

    There has to be a reason they allowed that idiot, Napolitano, onto the talk shows to prove to us, once again, her incompetence and not up to the job mentality. The dems have once again proven they do not think through their statements and iniatives. It sounds good to them and convinces them that the public will buy it. Unfortunately, a lot of them do.

  18. ivehadit says:

    DBHunter and ConQuistadora, I wholeheartedly agree. Follow the money-it is what always rules the world, not the politicians, imho. And the money is on destroying capitalism and knocking America down…for financial gain, imho. Imho, obama is a pawn for those who want to dominate the world. (Gee, who could want to do that? sarc off) We STILL do not know who was withdrawing money market funds on that fateful day in September, 2009….