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Jan 01 2010

Are We Finger Pointing Or Correcting Mistakes?

I have zero tolerance for whiners who take on huge responsibilities and fail. Too many people think every other job in the country is a cake walk.  Busy bodies are quick to sit in judgement of others, most times based on incomplete information and from a perch of total ignorant bliss. This combination of ignorance […]

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Dec 28 2009

Obama Just Destroyed Any Hope Of A Second Term

VP candidate Joe Biden once predicted President Obama would be tested on national security and would fail. Today is the day VP Biden predicted would come. Today President Obama came out to publicly address the nearly successful Christmas Day Massacre aboard a Northwest Airline flight into Detroit Michigan. It has only been one day since President […]

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Dec 27 2009

Homeland Security Secretary Pulls A (Neville) Chamberlain

Hat tip to reader Crosspatch for pointing out what has to be the dumbest statement by a national leader in a century. Not since Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain came back from a meeting with Adolf Hitler to declare peace was at hand (when in actuality World War II was about to begin and kill […]

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