Nov 27 2009

Jumping A Sinking AGW Ship

I am beginning to feel confident that what will come out of Climategate is those who tried to control the scientific debate will be hauled up to explain themselves and be run out of town, their credibility ruined, while skeptic and alarmists will sit down and work together to unravel the complex nature of this wonderful planet. I feel this way because I see many on the ‘green’ side of things walking away from Mann, Jones, et al.

The Ecologist has come out publicly and denounced the alarmist scientist and what they were doing to the profession of science:

Ecologist Editor Mark Anslow explores the fallout from the leaked email exchanges between climate scientists

Make no mistake: the emails from the University of East Anglia climate scientists which were obtained from a hacked server and posted onto the internet in November paint a shocking picture.

The emails reveal the private conversations of scientists who commanded universal respect amongst environmentalists, politicians and journalists.  And they are not pretty…

The alarmist camp is still in the earliest stages of shock and denial, but they are well meaning people who were led down the wrong path by scandalous zealots. The data will come out, the error budgets will be defined so that maximum accuracy will be established. As the CRU data shows, there will be no significant warming detected outside the normal temperature variances for any region of the world. The dramatic warming we have been seeing is a statistical fiction that will never stand up to real scrutiny.

[Note: math is a harsh and demanding mistress – see here and here for my initial analysis of the CRU data for the America’s, clearly showing no out of control warming over the last hundred years]

The scientific community is to dedicated to the profession to allow Jones, Mann, Briffa and others to stain the everyone else. They will sit down determined to right the mistakes. And they will open their eyes to what the data does and does not show.

They will do their jobs well and admirably. We are all skeptics now, because the alternative is just too horrible to contemplate.

Update: IPCC member and co-author to Mann and Jones demands they be removed from the scientific process they destroyed.

Mark Steyn does his usual surgical attack on the idea that the current ‘peer-reviewed’ AGW hypothesis is still standing after climategate.

A reasonable ‘alarmist’ does the right thing by engaging ‘skeptics’ – and thus the world does unite to asses what risk exists.

If I were Michael Mann, I would be getting lawyered up. And if I was his employer, I would put him on indefinite paid leave and tell him to stay home, away from computer files.

And Gavin Schmidt is in even more trouble, since he may have been ‘moonlighting’ during the day on a political website as a federal employee.

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  2. crosspatch says:

    Mann is out with a new paper from Penn State. It (again) uses the Tiljander sediment series with the data inverted (he uses colder to represent warmer and vice versa). This is not the first time he has used this data backwards but it might be of little consequence because his math produces a “hockey stick” if fed white noise. It doesn’t matter what data you feed it, his algorithm is a “hockey stick generator”.

    Penn State should be ashamed of itself, though, for allowing this to get through review.

    I suppose Mann is “too big to fail”. He probably pulls in a lot of research money to the school.