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Dec 22 2011

The Third Nail In The CRU/IPCC AGW Coffin

Update At End Major Update: Well, well – it seems Tim Osborn admits to the artificial adjustments used by CRU (and shown at the end of this post) in a Dec 2006 email to coworker Thomas Klienen (email #4005): Unfortunately we haven’t yet published the details of how the gridding and calibration were done. Also […]

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Dec 03 2011

Climategate 2: Why The Divergence/Decline Destroyed The Hockey Stick

Updates At The End! The Climategate 2 email drop is quite a daunting body of evidence. There is so much damning information it sometimes is hard to figure out what to post on and what emails to use to build a case of malfeasance. My constant argument against the so called science underpinning the IPCC […]

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Nov 27 2011

Climategate II More Devastating Than Climategate I

Updates at end Climategate 1 hit two years ago with the release of damning emails and documentation that exposed really shoddy code and unmaintained data, not to mention the efforts by alarmists to hide their own data that completely destroyed their own claims of man-made, CO2-driven, warming. The most damning of these was the ‘hide […]

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Nov 27 2009

CRU Knew Of “Upside Down Mann”

If peer review was so great with AGW then the mistake Michael Mann made in his chronology, noted my Steve McIntyre, would have been corrected. It has not been, according to WUWT and the review of Mann’s latest AGW report.  What is really mind boggling is that the CRU emails clearly show the alarmists agreed […]

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Nov 27 2009

Jumping A Sinking AGW Ship

I am beginning to feel confident that what will come out of Climategate is those who tried to control the scientific debate will be hauled up to explain themselves and be run out of town, their credibility ruined, while skeptic and alarmists will sit down and work together to unravel the complex nature of this […]

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