Oct 16 2009

Dumbest Internet Idea Of All Time

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Liberal bloggers plan a mass demonstration of their ignorance and naiveté:

It is being billed as the largest-ever social change event on the Web and one which its organizers believe will unite the digital world in a wider conversation about climate change.

The third annual Blog Action Day is bringing together thousands of bloggers to discuss the same issue on the same day.

Robin Beck, the day’s organizing director, told CNN: “I would say that 99 percent of our bloggers have never written about climate change before. I think there is a lot of power in people who usually don’t write about this having conversations about a major issue like climate change.”

Oh great, a bunch of blathering from people with a High School level (C average no doubt) grasp of science and mathematics and physics. Can’t wait! As for me, I blog about climate change all the time. Probably because I know a bit about what the topic is all about.

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3 Responses to “Dumbest Internet Idea Of All Time”

  1. KauaiBoy says:

    This is exactly what Al Gore was hoping for when he invented the internet.

  2. WWS says:

    What (doesn’t) surprise me is that this is so obviously an astroturfed event, almost certainly one of Axelrod’s creations. (this is what he specializes in)

    For those who’ve been watching some of the stage directions behind the scenes, there were several reports about 3 weeks ago that health care was taking up too much attention if there was to be any hope of passing Waxman-Malarkey, and because of that friendly news outlets were asked to focus more energy on “climate change”.

    This is clearly part of the same movement. It’s not spontaneous; it’s a push by the administration to (hopefully) build support for their legislation before Copenhagen.

    This is what Axelrod does for a living, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

  3. Alert1201 says:

    The only “argument” these idiots will be able to put forth is that of consensus – everybody agrees with it. Wish I had a dollar for every time they mention it.