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Jan 01 2010

When Blogging Impacts National Security

I was absolutely furious with the NY Times when it ran a deceptive article in December 2005 on the changes to FISA made by President Bush to untie the hands, remove the gags and take off the blind folds from our national security defenses. I noted the faults with the story instantaneously and spent years […]

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Oct 16 2009

Dumbest Internet Idea Of All Time

Liberal bloggers plan a mass demonstration of their ignorance and naiveté: It is being billed as the largest-ever social change event on the Web and one which its organizers believe will unite the digital world in a wider conversation about climate change. The third annual Blog Action Day is bringing together thousands of bloggers to […]

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Jan 31 2009

The Blog Learns Some Hard Business Lessons

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It seem Pajama Media is kicking out the small fry so they can have more $$$ for themselves. The Anchoress responds here, Protein Wisdom here, Ace of Spades here.   Not a surprise. I have been approached by some large blogs from time to time, the minute I discuss a contractual arrangement they go silent. […]

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Jun 17 2008

Teaching A Lesson To The News Media – AP As The Sacrificial Lamb

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Bloggers, like me, are voicing their views and commentary on the news (and falsehoods, etc) of the day as is our right under the constitution.  When a corporation tries to tell me I cannot comment, criticize (and more often correct) their lousy product I lose all interest in being reasonable.  There are lines you do […]

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Jun 16 2008

No More AP Links

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Sorry folks, but the AP is threatening bloggers who note their stories and try and send their readers to those same AP stories. So, with tons of other (and more reliable) sources out there I probably will not be using any AP crap (er, stories) in my posts for the foreseeable future.  You can see […]

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