Oct 10 2009

Liberal Fawning For World Acceptance Is Pathetic

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The Nobel Peace Prize committee may have just screwed up in reverse – big time.

America has a unique history in the world. It is made up of people who fled tyranny and oppression from cruel, bored and (let’s face it) not so bright elites. The past time of the ‘not so bright’ elite is to pretend to be omnipotent and experiment with humanity into becoming better. Or at least their warped cruel, bored and no so bright version of ‘better’. It is this addiction to tell others what and how to do things that forced the best, brightest and bravest to carve out a new nation in America. We are the anti-elitist nation that broke the hold of elitist on humanity.

We Americans created democracy of the people, by the people. We threw off the bored and oppressive elites and made our own decisions. We stuck up for each other, fighting off threats and attacks, never to be used as pawns and cannon fodder for cruel social experiments on who had the better vision of ‘better’. The rest of the world has a history of human cruelty that should embarrass them to their core, but being elites they just lift their noses up higher into the air.

It is our independence of the individual that irks the world – especially the Europeans. I have worked with them on many occasions and over many years, and they cannot stand our informal, classless work environment. They still cling to the skirts of the elite leadership concept, running in awe of famous, names, ivy league schools, years spent floating to the top of the pile. They fear decisions, the fear competition, the fear having to act beyond the words. They fear someone standing up and challenging their safe dogma. They cannot abide ingenuity and spirit and drive.

I love Europe and Europeans, but I would not trade places with them. I also love my independence, the fact I don’t have to bow down to some bored, insecure know-it-all with a famous name, who went to a famous school and who landed a high level job in Daddy’s family business. I, the son of a teacher and engineer, the grandson of a both a farmer and a US Congressmen, can challenge anyone to a debate any ideas, I can challenge them on what are guiding morals and I can challenge them in the free market of competition.

This is what irks the world about America, and what irked them about George W Bush and his drive to protect America from evil, an evil that was fostered out of international inaction. They wanted him to spend time bowing and scraping to their elite credentials. They had no interest in having to back up their lofty words of ‘concern’.

After a time Bush tired of the game and gathered those who did understand and did have the will to do something. He went around the bored and insecure elites. An note how those that joined our effort are also countries that emerged from oppression, like Poland and Australia. The UK is our ally since the days we stopped Nazi oppression from destroying their island nation. They knew 9-11 was not just another bad news day, it was a fight for survival.

Those who will fight for their people and their gifts from above understand America. The rest, who prefer the people bow down in deference to their bored and cruel elitist cannot stand America. We give their sheeple too many bad ideas about self determination.

al Qaeda fears us, the Taliban fear us. They hide in crappy little dust holes and try and sneak out an attack here and there. All through the Iraq war they were frightened to face us straight on. Those who react negatively to us do so for horrible reasons. And yet some would do anything for their acceptance.

Everyone knows we have taken our approach to life and become indomitable. That is not the same as being arrogant, we are just incredibly safe because of what we have created when we broke from oppression of the elites. But when your an insecure elite who wants to play God the distinction is unimportant. We are arrogant because we threaten the elites and their perfect little world where they live on top of all others. Too ‘effing bad.

The day has come, thanks to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee and some liberal snobs at the State Department, when America has learned that President George W Bush, the man with the megaphone who brought justice to our enemies and protected us from attack, is not an arrogant or misguided fool.

He is the victim of a smear campaign, aimed at him because of his unique American traits we all hold dear:

In a clear dig at former President George W. Bush, a State Department spokesman compared President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize to the flying footwear his predecessor faced in Iraq.

“From our standpoint, you know, we think that this gives us a sense of momentum … when the United States has accolades tossed its way, rather than shoes,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley told reporters on Friday.

World acceptance is a two way street. We admire much about the peoples of this world. We are intrigued by their cultures, willing to try and learn the strengths and powers they may have discovered.

But this respect for the world is not the same as a feeling of awe, or subservience or of being lesser. Respect is mutual. So when bored, cruel and not so bright elites (here and abroad) start attacking one of ours for nothing more than being American and protecting Americans, we tend to rally behind our own.

If this idiot in the State Department can only see shoes and accolades after all we went through since 9-11 he deserves the boot. Bored, cruel and not so bright. Might work in Europe, not here.

And the Nobel Prize Committee has made it clear it has been meddling in US politics. It has given its ‘peace’ prize to wannabes and dictators who enlist children to blow up human beings (ironically, with Nobel’s own invention). Gore and Obama and Arafat have done nothing for the peace of the world.

Yet those who freed millions from oppression (Ronald Regan and the Iron Curtain, George HW Bush and Kuwait, George W Bush with Afghanistan and Iraq) and the fear of 3rd world nuclear war (anyone remember that Bush exposed the AQ Khan weapons ring and scared Libya into closing up its weapons program) are actually opposed by these bored elitists with their childish liberal views of reality.

I suspect that President Obama is going to see another big drop in support, as America realizes Obama is an empty suit. They will also accept the fact he is supported by anti-American forces who cannot stand who THEY are.

This could be the time when it becomes obvious Obama is not here for the voters who elected him, he is here to change America because he is a liberal who is fawning for world acceptance. He is here for the Nobel Peace Prize Committee and the EU elites. That is why they gave him the prize for nothing, that is why our naive young president accepted the price for nothing. That is why the prize is all about nothing (and should be boycotted by the US from here on out).

President Obama’s priority is clearly to whip the country into something the out dated world – with their bored, cruel and not so bright elites – feel more comfortable with. And everything he has pretended to do has been to gain these fools accolades.

I’ll take the shoes of al Qaeda’s naive allies any day.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    “This could be the time when it becomes obvious Obama is not here for the voters who elected him, he is here to change America because he is a liberal who is fawning for world acceptance. He is here for the Nobel Peace Prize Committee and the EU elites. That is why they gave him the prize for nothing, that is why our naive young president accepted the price for nothing. That is why the prize is all about nothing (and should be boycotted by the US from here on out).”

    That’s about it, AJ. I worked with the Industrial Areas Foundation. I know these people. David Horowitz knows these people.
    They do not like us, as you have so eloquently said.

  2. CatoRenasci says:

    It’s quite clear: Barack Obama is the enemy of everything the Founders of the United States believed and stood for; of everything that my ancestors fought for from their taking up arms against King John, against Charles I and James II, against George III, and against both slavery and the federal government during the Civil War, and frequently against tyrants in continental Europe from the middle ages through the 19th century.

    This regime is really pushing the US to the brink of something that its minions may live to regret.

  3. kathie says:

    Brilliant AJ and so true. Yep we are the rogue nation, the nation that just won’t walk in lock step with the rest of the world’s elitists. But there is another problem, the world has not one clue how we got so powerful and so prosperous, we the uncouth, we the natives of the far away land. How dare we!

    George Bush embodied the spirit of who we are. We give, we hope, we are compassionate, BUT that only goes so far. Yes we will give you a chance, but there is a line that when you cross over it, you will see us, you will hear us, and you will never forget it. Because we will stand up for ourselves with the same toughness it took to forge this great Nation. A Nation under God, who will fiercely protect our life, liberty and happiness.

    Americans believe in the goodness of our country, in the soundness of our ideals. We know we are blessed to have been born here and not some other place, however imperfect and sometimes difficult. This is why it is so laughable to have a leader who has songs sung for him, and who gets awards for breathing. He doesn’t make us, he merely represents us for the moment.

    When I look at Americans, I see the George Bushes vs. the John Kerries. Having been born on the West Coast, I think of East Coast mentality a little like you AJ describe our differences with the European elite. How could we have had a shoe thrown at our head and laugh at a Peace Prize for nothing. Only an elitist would wonder. A George Bush would have just shrugged his shoulders knowing the difference.

  4. kathie says:

    This is also good. I love Charles. Found at the WeeklyStandard.

    Decline Is a Choice
    The New Liberalism and the end of American ascendancy.
    by Charles Krauthammer
    From the October 19, 2009 issue
    10/09/2009 12:00:00 AM

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  6. Neo says:

    What exactly is this “our standpoint” crap ??

    This Nobel is for Obama, not the State Department.
    How dare they usurp the adulation that rightly belongs only to “The Won”.

  7. marksbbr says:

    This State Department spokesman is a fool. This is not an “accolade” for America, only for Obama. Theodore Roosevelt received the Nobel Peace Prize while in office, for his role in ending the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-05. Few other presidents deserve this distinction. Both Reagan and Bush 41 should have been at least considered, for their part in ending the Cold War and the threat of nuclear annihilation. Even Clinton deserved a consideration, for trying to bring peace in the Middle East, and for working to end the slaughter in the Balkans.

    What has Obama accomplished? Has he brought the world any closer to peace? His plans to close Gitmo? Hardly. Planning to withdraw troops from Iraq in a few years? This was Bush’s plan as well. If, in four years, Iran and North Korea had given up their nuclear ambitions, and if Afghanistan stabilizes with a democratic government, then Obama deserves the Nobel. But until then, it is clearly evident that the Nobel Peace Prize is no longer about promoting peace, but is a popularity award, and the Committee’s vision of peace is one’s ability to bow down to oppressive regimes.

  8. owl says:

    A beautiful post that put into words what I feel about George W Bush. It is the reason I always said that he and Reagan were my favorites. They are the ‘spirit’ of America. They always had the courage to act upon the principles that founded this country. Never a finger in the air to test the polls. Man enough to accept what came their way without BLAMING someone else for the hard decisions they made. Humble. They loved America(first) and understood the job description.

    We have many on the right that needs to take a long, hard look at themselves for writing some of the beatings they gave him. He was not perfect. He made some mistakes. He never claimed to be the coming of The One.

    He also never gained the praise of Castro, Chavez, and every despot of the World.

  9. Terrye says:

    I thought about that comment about Bush and it just said it all.

    When the President has an R behind his name, the Obamabots get a kick out of some Baathist throwing a shoe at him…but when the president is Barack Obama, well the GOP gets compared to the Taliban for failing to share in the joy.

    When a president takes the oath of office he swears to defend the Constitution..world opinion is not part of that oath.

    And if that kind of thing is so important to Obama and his fan club, maybe they should go to work at the UN and let someone with respect for the Office of the Presidency sit in the Oval Office.

  10. kathie says:

    I have a question. Does the Norwegian Peace Prize committee think that Obama is so weak that they can influence his decisions towards a more palatable international posture, rather then a stance that would be in the best interests of the United States? I think that that is what they are trying to do. Our State Department must believe it as well.

  11. owl says:

    Terrye, I think that is his goal. Call it President of the World with his own little International Court. After he ties us up in knots with so many complications. After all, this is all about what he told Joe Plumber. Share the wealth. Share the power with the world. I don’t think he gives two string beans for ‘this’ country vs The World. Keep your eye on Levin and Feinstein over this in the future. They are big, big on UN as our leader.

    BTW, that little Holden investigation came from him. No doubt he has dreams of putting chains on Bush from his chair on high.

  12. Frogg1 says:

    I’ll take the shoes of our enemies also.

    AJ, one of your best posts ever!!!

  13. Frogg1 says:

    There is a story in NOLA about the difference between Bush and Obama in post Katrina. I had no idea of the dedicated visits Bush made to NO after Katrina to spend time with the people and see how reconstruction was going. 13 exhaustive visits all over the various burroughs and parts of Louisiana lasting all day. No news coverage. Just work. Now Obama gets ready to make his first visit. It will be one town hall. Probably televised nationwide, and reported by the MSM as a President who finally cares about NO.

    Bush was a descent man and a good President.

    Barack Obama has failed to match George W. Bush’s multiple visits

  14. lacegrl130 says:

    Wow, AJ, Ace linked to this post! Pretty neat! You have been right on target and it is good to see you get some recognition!

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  16. ivehadit says:

    Terrye/Owl, I remember reading last year (or before) that President of the World is exactly the goal…but the person who wants that position is g. soros. He is, according to what I remember reading, using the US as the stepping stool to world domination.

    Megalamania runneth wild. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

  17. owl says:

    Yikes……….since I mentioned Dianne Feinstien’s name in above post, she seemed to show a lot of support for the troops by putting pressure on The Won yesterday. Makes me wonder if he has finally scared her? Of course, I have seen her show before. Just when you think she sounds so sensible vs the nuts, she will turn. She is a true believer in that UN.

    OT but did anyone hear that email Huckabee read on his show? I only caught part of it but it has to rank #1 funny. If anyone got it, it should be posted on every site that is against ObamaCare. GOP should be running that email 24/7 and not say another word. It compares with the Nobel.

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