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Oct 09 2016

Someone At CNN Just Woke Up From Media’s Stupor

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Someone at CNN just woke up and figured out what it is about Trump and his followers: If you think this latest controversy will finally beat him, you are wrong. If you can’t understand how someone could “still” vote for Trump after all “this,” consider what makes this such an unprecedented election. This election isn’t […]

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Apr 16 2009

CNN Reporter Goes Drama Queen On Tea Parties – Far Right Loses It Too

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A CNN Reporter (who probably is getting a reprimand) claimed the Tea Parties were anti-government (should be against unbridled government spending and high taxes) and anti-CNN! What in the world does CNN have to do with this? Supposedly, in this warped little mind, these protests across the nation are anti-CNN since Fox News was reporting […]

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Sep 23 2008

Rank Sexism Dripping From CNN – Updated!

Major Update: Here is the actual video evidence of the ‘speed dating’ sexist remark. And it is becoming the talking point I said it would be (here and here). – end update The Situation Room (the lair of “Wolf” Blitzer – how’s that for irony) has done it again. I am fairly certain it is simply […]

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