Oct 09 2016

Someone At CNN Just Woke Up From Media’s Stupor

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Someone at CNN just woke up and figured out what it is about Trump and his followers:

If you think this latest controversy will finally beat him, you are wrong. If you can’t understand how someone could “still” vote for Trump after all “this,” consider what makes this such an unprecedented election.

This election isn’t about greatness, the future, or even Donald Trump. It’s about defiance.

To his supporters, a vote for Trump is a way to flip the middle finger to the system, the media, the elite, the liberals, the know-it-alls and the people who pretend they’re better than “us.”

Every dangerous and disgusting thing Trump says proves he’s not fit — and that’s the point. He’s not fit for the current “system.”

Most Republican voters disagree with Trump’s grotesque, lewd words on an intellectual level — but they still back the man because they feel defiant. That matters.

The only thing that surprises me is how long it took this epiphany to sink into those who stand in opposition to Trump – and therefore provided his Bona Fides by showing he has the right enemies.

On Thursday, I drove almost three hours north on Highway 94 in Minnesota. Not one Clinton sign. Not one. That matters.

Saturday, in a hotel lobby in New Jersey, I spoke with a woman who’s terrified that Trump is going to win. Her husband is a lifelong Democrat and he’s voting for Trump, because he’s “sick of how broken Washington is.” That matters.

The phrases I’ve heard over and over from Trump’s supporters in Ohio, Colorado, Virginia and elsewhere are: “he’s not another politician” and “he’s flawed, like me.” That matters.

What Trump represents is real. Concern about Hillary’s ability to fix a system she’s been inside of her whole career is real.

Yeah, it really does matter that Trump as created a backlash in the most unsupported element of modern America. Big Government, The News Media, Politicians¬† in general all rank low with the public. And the path these people have been pushing America on is why the nation’s “wrong path” numbers are so high.

Sadly, just because one person finally woke up and broke the code, it does not mean the overall media will realize they are the ones being rejected by the voters. Until of course they are rejected.

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  1. Mike M. says:

    AJ, I hope you’re right. Trump is a very flawed person…but Clinton is far, far worse. Trump won’t have U.S. Government policy up for sale, Clinton was playing pay-to-play in the State Department.

    BTW, it’s good to have you blogging again.