Apr 16 2009

CNN Reporter Goes Drama Queen On Tea Parties – Far Right Loses It Too

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A CNN Reporter (who probably is getting a reprimand) claimed the Tea Parties were anti-government (should be against unbridled government spending and high taxes) and anti-CNN! What in the world does CNN have to do with this?

Supposedly, in this warped little mind, these protests across the nation are anti-CNN since Fox News was reporting on the Tea Parties (as did a lot of news outlets, as I noted yesterday). Granted, Fox communicated these events to its listeners well in advance and the mainstream media waited until the day of the events, but there were directions to the protests, directions on how to find them.

This poor, picked on CNN reporter (to be fair – who knows how much harassment she took off camera before the live shot) even went on to say the protests were anti-family! Right after interviewing a dad with his baby in his arms whom she kept trying to shout down. I don’t think she approved (like anyone cares).  While I get the feeling we tuned into the end of some longer encounter that started before the shot, it is enlightening to see the anger and paranoia that jumped out of her so spontaneously.

Seems the new “in thing” with politics are the drama queens playing the victims. It just reinforces the fact that we need a centrist 3rd party in this nation like never before. And I do mean centrist. Most 3rd parties have extreme platforms. Libertarians are for no government, socialists want all government, environmentalists want an all-green government.

I want a national ‘neighborhood council’ government, like the ones where neighbors get together and decide a fair budget, how to do safety patrols, who to hire for the landscaping and pool staffing, etc. Nothing fancy, nothing radical.  Nothing strange. No Chicken Littles crying “Wolf!” in full drama queen garb. Just simple sanity. Limited pay and term limits as well.

Update: Drama Queen meets Drama Queen in this encounter (which proves my suspicions this CNN reporter was getting hot under the collar over something):

Obama was voted in by a significant number of voters. They still trust themselves and their vote.
And when the far right goes off like this, all they do is cement Obama voters to Obama. When you attack him like this you also attack those who voted for him. I know, being a Bush supporter and having to listen to years of the far right bash him, and by extension me as a supporter.

Obama has not done anything to resemble the Nazis and Hitler, which is what people think of when some incoherent clown throws out the word ‘fascist’. He is our duly elected President and deserves a modicum of respect. But since the far right could not respect this nation and the presidency under Bush (remember how El Presidente Jorge Bush was a “traitor”?), why would they be able to muster a small dose of class under Obama? And I don’t mean elite ‘class’ here, I mean small town America class where people show respect to one and all.

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  1. EL Rider says:

    I was in the crowd shown in the Roesgen CNN video at the Chicago Tea Party, I was photographing the event. The crowd was very respectful of her until it became clear what she was doing. The crowd started to become agitated when she interviewed the guy with a Obama as Hitler sign, many of us found his sign disgraceful and people let both the man and Roesgen know that. The crowd gave CNN a lot of room in that plaza to set up and I posted a photo of them setting up that shows a group of mothers with their children on one side and some creepy looking guys (including one in dark shades and a red hammer and sickle shirt) on the other. You may have noticed the guy who pushed the gentleman with the baby in the CNN video, he also pushed me and he had to circle around Roesgen and the cameraman to get at the interviewee, there was something wrong with that guy and he would not answer any questions.

    What I am trying to say is that the people in that video may not be who they appear to be, I saw very few offensive signs yet CNN found the most offensive sign that I shot that day and put it on as representative of the protest. It was a hitpiece by CNN but I also believe that they were aided by some Cook County Democrats and/or many of the fringe leftist groups that operate in Chicago and regularly protest in that plaza.

    I posted some of my photos on the Flying Debris blog.

  2. AJStrata says:

    El Rider,

    Thank you for the on sight clarification. Do you mind if I post your comment for everyone to see and discuss? I was wondering about the agitator element.

    Is it possible he was who he claimed, just the unwanted types (I see them in spades, and they are ‘conservatives’).

  3. EL Rider says:

    Please feel free to post any of it. There was a commenter on my blog who was also right there but I haven’t noticed any other blogger there other than Founding Bloggers and they said they missed the early part and of course CNN.

    The agitator element is interesting, the first Chicago Tea Party in February was too small to attract it but this one had some very strange people, like the woman taking pictures who demanded that I not take her picture, of course maybe she is just a pain. No doubt that the element was there, it is Chicago after all.

    Btw, I’ve been an occasional reader, thanks.

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