Sep 23 2008

Rank Sexism Dripping From CNN – Updated!

Major Update: Here is the actual video evidence of the ‘speed dating’ sexist remark.

And it is becoming the talking point I said it would be (here and here). – end update

The Situation Room (the lair of “Wolf” Blitzer – how’s that for irony) has done it again. I am fairly certain it is simply echoing slimey DNC and Obama camp talking points, meant to be subtle swipes at Governor Sarah Palin. Here is how it played out today (links and video if/when available).

Trying to set up the fact Sarah Palin would be meeting with 9 top world leaders this week (including the heads of Iraq, Afghanistan and Georgia) the CNN video related Palin’s schedule with “speed dating”.

It was a crass and demeaning analogy clearly sexist in its context and message. No one claimed Obama was “speed dating” with world leaders in is most excellent world tour this summer. And the impression is not to be glossed over. The term speed dating conjures images of desperation on the part of a woman. Clearly, with her family situation, Sarah is not in need of speed dating anyone. It was a gutter-level swipe at women in a man’s world.

And trust me, this is just the latest focus-group tested smear to come from the bitter left. We have not seen the first or last use of this insulting phrase – as noted here. CNN really has sunk to a new low here.

Update: Today at a McCain rally a women gave the media a well deserved tongue lashing:


Quite appropriate.

Update: Jack Cafferty goes to his brain dead email to select what HE thinks are the most poignent commentaries on Palin’s meetings

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15 Responses to “Rank Sexism Dripping From CNN – Updated!”

  1. kathie says:

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I HATE ABOUT THE MEDIA. They can’t just say Sarah is meeting with who ever, they need to qualify, quantify, demean. Why is it their business to do more then to report the event straight up? The when, why, how, where of journalize is no longer!

  2. dhunter says:

    They aren’t journalists they are Liberal partisan hacks pushing their liberal agendas.

    They are responsible for a good deal of Sarahs popularity because she speaks for the people who make this country work and these elitist snobs hate those little people and think they are dumb.

    The American people are on the verge of firing these snobs as evidenced by the decline of the liberal rags countrywide and decline of nightly news ratings.

    Sarah and McCain may be the duo to do this and expose the the liberal do nothing congress as the reason this country is in a mess. McCain has to push the message though. This is the problem with Bush he wouldn’t name names and go above the mainstream liberal media to the people. I think Sarah knows how to do this question is will McCain listen to her?

  3. Neo says:

    Obama will be “speed dating” with the world leaders. Keep an eye on his tongue.

  4. Terrye says:

    Did you see McCain’s guy Rick Davis go after the NYT? Brutal.

  5. Aitch748 says:

    The news media could use a whole bunch more tongue lashings like this. They are so OBVIOUSLY in Obama’s corner that it’s preventing them from doing the journalistic work that needs doing, which means that the rest of us have to make time to pick up the slack and do their work for them.

    And I’ll add: What a pleasure it was to read Rusty Shackleford’s careful laying out of clues suggesting a connection between phony “grassroots” videos and the Obama campaign. And what a disgusting waste of time it was to listen to that snide jackass Jack Cafferty reading snotty emails about what Sarah Palin and the leader of Afghanistan will talk about.

  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    I am starting to believe that Jack is one of those people that are the root cause of why we have all those operator warning labels on most power tools.

    Let me be clear that I do not believe that is because he is a safety warning advocate.

  7. Stix Blog says:

    Someone says waht we all want to know…

    You go girl H/T to Strata-Sphere…

  8. sbd says:

    The Slime at the Time is at it again!!

    Palin Arrives in New York
    By Nate Schweber

    “Instead of the cheering throngs of supporters waving lipsticks and adoring signs that Ms. Palin has become accustomed to on the campaign trail, she was met by the equivalent of a Bronx cheer.”

    I think we should all start a campaign to send lipstick to the New York Times. Pick the ugliest shade of fuschia you can find and mail away!!

    Anyone want to help spread the word??


  9. Redteam says:

    sarcasm ON:

    well, if she is expected to be brilliant being a ‘heartbeat’ away from the presidency, what would you expect from someone actually in the presidency with less executive experience than she has? At least if McCain is elected president we’ll actually have someone with executive experience IN the job.

    sarcasm OFF

    It just baffles me that people think her experience is important as a dis qualifier when she actually has more than Obama and she’s only running for Vp.

  10. crosspatch says:

    I am amazed how organizations like NOW have become NODW (National Organization of Democratic Women) and aren’t promoting WOMEN but instead are promoting the Democratic Party. Any woman who is a Republican is, in their rhetoric, not a “real woman” or is a “traitor” of some sort. Political alignment is more important than gender to them. So they aren’t really about “women”, they are about Democrat women.

    Same with the NAACP. They are only interested in promoting people of color who are Democrats. They are really the NAADCP, National Association of Democrat Colored People. They won’t endorse a person if they are Republican. They call them traitors and “uncle Toms”.

    It is high time these minority organizations are exposed for what they are, astroturf for the Democrat Party masquerading as grass–roots issues groups.

  11. VinceP1974 says:

    crosspatch: didn’t you learn that during the CLinton years?

  12. LJStrata says:


    I’ll send in my lipstick along with a copy of that article with “Go Sarah!” written in lipstick across it. Wanna join me?


    P.S. AJ will tell you that I’m not easily angered but when you do….

  13. sbd says:

    Hi LJ,

    I will go to the 99 cent store tomorrow to buy it to send tomorrow.

    BTW, this is an email I sent to CNN.

    According to the American Heritage Dictionary -speed dating means:

    n. An organized method of meeting potential romantic partners in which participants evaluate each other over the course of a single event through a series of brief one-on-one meetings.

    Explain to me how using this term is not sexist?

    Given the rumors about Obama, maybe this term would have been more appropriate during his Evita Trip to Europe!!


  14. aerawls says:

    Towards the end the anchor tries to make Palin look bad vis a vis others who have gone this route by noting that she is not giving a major foreign policy address. That’s only because the Obama campaign managed to get her disinvited from giving her Iran speech, which would have blown Obama and Biden out fo the water. She’s ready to stand up to Ahmadinijad and knock him down, permanently, while Obama and Biden want to flatter, accommodate, mollify and appease.

  15. […] it remind you of high school? It does me! This does, too, CNN referring to Palin’s brief meetings with various world leaders as “speed dating&#822…. If only she’d made a big show of traveling around with an entourage and making a big speech […]