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Mar 25 2010

Threats Are Wrong, But Why The Shock At The Backlash?

Threats of violence against Democrats and liberals is wrong (threats to retire them come November are just fine). Threats against their families is just sick. All are criminal acts. But no Democrat who pushed the take over of America’s health care should be surprised at the intensity of the backlash now rising (it is by […]

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Mar 23 2010

Health Care Bill Small Business Killer

We have a small, fledgling business which struggles to stay afloat in these horrible economic times and under the brutal overhead requirements of government contracting. One thing I keep reading the ignoramuses in the White House claiming is the GOP will have a tough time convincing small business to repeal and replace Obama care: But, […]

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Jan 27 2010

Obama Bombs On SOTU

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Final Insult: Obama had two American heroes in the audience (the two police officers who took down Major Nidal Hasan as he slaughtered innocent Americans at Ft Hood). They were sitting right next to the first lady. The President never recognized them. True heroes. I believe the woman just recently left the hospital her injuries […]

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Nov 18 2009

Far Right Is Also A Prime Culprit In The Current Liberal Federal Government

Can we survive the liberal policies of Obama, Pelosi and Reid? We might just find out the hard way: Poll: 51% of Republicans would rather risk losing elections than win with RINOs Actually, the path forward is for the far right purists to be replaced in the GOP coalition by the centrists flooding away from […]

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Sep 19 2009

“Revenge Of The Telemprompter”: Obama’s Presidency Is Failing

I have been trying to understand what President Obama was trying to accomplish when, only days after he promised the American people in the well of congress he would never allow illegal aliens to feed at the bottomless trough of tax payer subsidized health care, he came out and openly admitted he would solve the […]

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Jun 11 2009

Huckabee Insults The Center Of America To Gain Its Support?

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The ‘True Conservative” silliness continues. Conservatives think they can insult that segment of the electorate that decides which side wins elections, and THAT will help them win elections! That’s some really twisted logic there. Mike Huckabee today went completely moron using this same self destructive tactic: Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee warned Republicans Wednesday against moving to the […]

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Jun 10 2009

Deeds vs. McDonnell In VA

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VA Democrats, in a incredibly low turnout primary, have selected a moderate/conservative Democrat candidate to run for Governor of VA this fall: Well that wasn’t close at all, was it? After a grueling but mostly civil campaign, Creigh Deeds pummelled Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran for Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial nomination yesterday, triggering a fascinating general election race and a […]

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Jun 04 2009

Obama And Dems Have One Major Weakness – The Economy

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It seems the ‘true conservatives’ just can’t get over some facts that have made him politically immune on a myriad of policy matters. In general, and going at the strength of the GOP, President Obama has basically continued the Bush national security policies, adding his own flair and style here and there: He is staying the […]

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May 21 2009

Far Right Repulsed Center In Purity Wars – Self Destructed GOP

I noted many times that the  purity wars which erupted after 2004 election when the far right ‘true conservatives’ went insane (and decided insulting moderates at high volume would win their lousy arguments) that the only result of the purity war would be a smaller, impotent GOP. Pew Research has the graph which proves I […]

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May 19 2009

Reid Also Heading Into Lame Duckdom

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Seems liberal Democrat Senate Leader Reid is following Nancy Pelosi into political demise: About a third of the state’s voters would re-elect Reid if the 2010 election were held today, according to the poll, but 45 percent say they would definitely vote to replace him. Seventeen percent would consider another candidate. … Half of Nevada […]

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