Mar 25 2010

Threats Are Wrong, But Why The Shock At The Backlash?

Threats of violence against Democrats and liberals is wrong (threats to retire them come November are just fine). Threats against their families is just sick. All are criminal acts.

But no Democrat who pushed the take over of America’s health care should be surprised at the intensity of the backlash now rising (it is by no means ebbing as many fantasized it would). If only 5% of this country has criminal tendencies, then you should realize that pissing off 50% of America is not only going to cause half of those who are criminally inclined to focus on you, but you may push some additional folks over the edge into criminal acts. I mean just look at what road rage does to good people. If a little traffic can send people over the edge, why is anyone surprised at what Obamacare and Obamanomics is doing to people?

What did the Democrats expect? Were they really so naive to think, once they pronounced their superiority over all others, people would just bow down to them?? People were promised the Moon & The Stars by Obama and the liberals. They were promised the good life, where all our needs would be met! The promised to take all the ill gotten gain from the rich and sprinkle it on everyone else (because everyone else is needy in some way). They were going to create wonderful green jobs and bring us wealth beyond our wildest dreams.

Obama not only over promised, just the opposite has happened. Instead his liberal stimulus bill sucked records amount of money out of the people for generations, and then promptly failed to do a damn thing for the economy. Everyone’s pockets are being raided to fund liberal fantasies and power grabs. The rejection of broad tax cuts along with spending cuts by the government – a method that has worked every time it was tried before by President Kennedy, President Reagan and President Bush II – doomed the liberals to failure. Nothing else can lift the economy across the board. Right now only government contractors and government employees (and their unions) are getting any relief, everyone else is all their last legs.

No jobs means housing values continue to fall as people fall behind on payments. Savings are being depleted to zero and the economic engine of consumer spending has gone into neutral. The stock market collapse means once rosy retirements now look dreary. There is dwindling hope that the next generation will be bequeathed an America in better condition than when it was handed to us. It looks more and more like that America is being stolen by power mad fools in DC.

The raiding of the government coffers to cover extended unemployment for tens of millions of people because of the failed stimulus bill is adding a mountain of crippling debt to our children and their children’s now bleak future. The promised good life is now endless months on unemployment benefits. Democrats can’t seriously wonder why there is growing anger at them and their failed policies and lying promises?

When the government golden goose keeps laying stink-bombs it is no surprise people are ready to carve it up for dinner, especially if they are hungry. The threats of violence are wrong, but so were the actions in DC which prompted this anger. You don’t attack a person’s life and well being and expect a pleasant thank you. In the view of many people, the government is now just another form of organized crime stealing protection money and living the high life while the minions slave away on meager earnings.

Democrats have no business pointing fingers at the GOP or Tea Party as the source of this anger. It was the liberals that poked America in the eye and Americans are swiping back in various forms, some of which are clearly out of bounds. If the Democrats want civility restored, repeal Obamacare and apologize to America for being arrogant asses. That is the only way to diffuse this. Beyond that there is little calmer heads can do to control the growing backlash.

Until Democrats back off their madness, anger and frustration is going to continue to grow, and the focus of that anger is going to be the wasteful activities of DC (for example, this mess trying to dictate school lunch menus from the White House). Liberals hit their tipping point all right, now the mood of the country is to tear down the bureaucracy. Everything they fought for is now ‘on the menu’.

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  2. WWS says:

    I remain convinced that most of the “threats” are in fact just Democrat staffers calling their boss’s office to generate PR.

    There is a way to test this – if this is true, no one will ever be caught and charged for the “crime.” Kind of like the mythical climategate “hacker”. As you showed, no “hacker” will ever be caught because there never was one – but that doesn’t stop the MSM from treating this as a meme and convincing many people of it’s “truth.”

    In these “threat” cases, as in everything else, I want to see evidence, not just hearsay from those who have much to gain by the accusation. Is that too much to ask?

  3. owl says:

    Violence is wrong. It is also wrong to launch a deliberate campaign to create the illusion of possible violence. Especially when they tie it to racism.

    This was all carefully planned. Gateway Pundit has the new tape. Note the policewoman at Cleaver’s elbow. She doesn’t bat an eyelash, nor even frown at the crowd.

    They have to figure a way (or pass a few new laws) to shut us up. OK City worked for Clinton’s political advantage.

    I don’t do violence or racism. I do threaten those political hacks with support for their opponents. Guess I am like the man in the black shirt/white hat that was yelling ‘kill the bill’ and refused to stop, even when Cleaver was threatening.

  4. Mike M. says:

    I think WWS is right. Watch out for agents provocateurs…they are part and parcel of the arsenal of oppression.

  5. BarbaraS says:

    The anger is so fierce that the dims might get more than they bargained for if they keep it up. There are a lot of kooks out there. Just wait until the new taxes take effect. These “threats” will all seem like a …tea party then. And also wait until the Bush tax cuts expire. Hoo boy. Rage rampant. The dims are setting up a plan where we cannot support ourselves much less our children. No taxes on the middle class? How about 50% of the gross wages? And with all the other taxes how about 75%? Probably a lot of peoploe will go John Galt.

  6. Wilbur Post says:

    The public tried every legal way possible to tell the Democrats their “reform” bill was disliked: negative polling, throwing out Obama-endorsed candidates in Democratic-held elected office; demonstrations, letters, phone calls, etc. And they refused to listen. The result is public frustration with the willful brazen stubbornness and stupidity of the people who are SUPPOSSED to represent them. Yes, Congress, you are suppossed to represent US and not Obama or his legacy or any other BS. US! The surprise is NOT that there is now violence, but that there hasn’t been more. But as the bad news keeps coming in (see announcements from Medtronic, Verizon, Caterpillar, Deere et al today) this may just be the calm before the storm. Change you can believe in. What a joke.

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  8. Terrye says:

    After all the years of mindless vitriol the left has thrown at anyone and everyone who disagrees with them, I say they have their nerve getting all outraged by this. After all, when it was directed at people like Bush, they were fine with it.

  9. teresakoch says:

    The only thing that worries me is that something like the Reichstag fire will occur (no doubt started by leftist thugs, but blamed on the Tea Partiers). If martial law is enacted, we will be in a world of hurt.

    However, I doubt that the military holds much love for BamBam and his band of merry looters, so there might be a bright spot after all.

    It is interesting that the healthcare bill was signed on the same date in history as not only Patrick Henry’s famous speech, but also the same date that the Enabling Act was signed, which brought the Nazi party into power in Germany…..

    I know which side I’m on!

  10. WWS,

    When you see business men doing stupid things, it is for a money/tax reason.

    When you see a politician doing stupid things — like screaming racism where these is none — it is for campaign contributions.

    Democrats are screaming racism here for two fund raising related reasons:

    1) Too intimidate elderly Tea Party-ers into not repeating a “Rep Dan Rostenkowski after Federal catastrophic health care insurance moment” with their local Democratic Representatives, which will gin up Republican campaign contributions,


    2) Too get Democratic Party campaign money while distrcting Rich Jewish Democratic contributors from Obama undercutting Israel.

    The Democratic Party’s Rich Jewish base has to feel good about itself and calling Black Democrats Republicans “Racist, Redneck, Teabaggers” fill’s the bill the same way saying “Squirrel” did for the animated talking dogs in the movie “UP.”

  11. momdear1 says:

    Add to this equation the upcoming pro amnesty immigration bill thunk up by Lindsey Graham and that other lame brain., Charlie Rangel, Did anyone notice that the Minutemen, the organization formed to train citizens to patrol our southern border, will disband to avoid lawsuits because citizens are arming themselves to protect themselves, their families and property from the drug violence that has spill over our southern border. With taliban like violence, beheadings, dismemberment, murder of US govt. embassy workers, women and children, and the cross border kidnappings that are now common, our citizens living near the border are forced to defend themselves ,vigilante style, because our governmnet is too busy kising these law breakers behinds and arranging to make them citizens so they can vote for democrats in Nov. . Prior to the 1996 election, it was common to see van loads of Mexicans pulled over along I-75 N. by immigration officers. Those vans were headed to chicago for the big swearing in ceremony of new citizens, and briefly made the news when it was discovered that In the process, thousands of alien criminals were made new citizens.
    If you think people are riled up over this health care thing, just wait until the anti illegal immigration people join them. People on our southern border are ready for action. Especially since they are facing armed drug gangs and there is no government action to protect our citizens from the violence.