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Feb 14 2012

Argo Data Confirms El Niño/La Niña Caused By Underwater Volcanoes

A warm welcome to WUWT readers, and a huge thank you to Anthony Watts for making this a guest post at his site. Hope you find it all worth your time. Last week I postulated that the El Niño/La Niña effect was not due to solar or atmospheric conditions, but actually caused by underwater volcanic […]

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Feb 13 2012

IPCC Earth Energy Budget Is Complete Fiction

I really have a problem with the level of sophistication and detail (or lack of therein) surrounding the ‘science’ of human-driven global warming (a.k.a. Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)). Unlike other areas of applied science, the theories and claims behind AGW are so abstract as to have little resemblance to reality. For example, the typical energy […]

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Feb 09 2012

The IPCC That Cried “Wolf!”

Major Update Below We are witnessing the total credibility collapse of the Global Warming Alarmists as their shoddy statistical modeling and over-hyped conclusions start to unravel in the face of Nature’s brutal reality. I bet when the Green Lobby thought up the plan to take control of the world’s top economies – under the guise […]

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Feb 07 2012

Trifecta! Santorum Slams Brakes On Romney’s Coronation

final update: Santorum pulls the upset, wins all 3 contests handily. Romney takes a huge loss as voters deny his inevitability! Well, well, well. A very surprising night for the GOP primary race. It’s 9:55 PM and with 30% of the locations reporting from Missouri Rick Santorum looks like he is going to win big. […]

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Feb 05 2012

M.I.A./Chris Collinsworth: Dufus Extraordinaire

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Update: seems M.I.A has taken the award for dumbest Super Bowl move of all time. Flipping the bird to America, the Super Bowl audience, the NFL and the Super Bowl sponsors is the quickest way to end a dull and mundane career. Congrats on the most spectacular flame out in recent memory. Morons Unite! – […]

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Feb 05 2012

Nevada Primary First Step On Path To Obama 2nd Term

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The cheering by the GOP establishment over Romney’s win in the Nevada primary is scary delusional. As I predicted last week, a Romney ascendancy to the GOP presidential candidate slot is going to take the air out of the Obama opposition and lead to an Obama 2nd term. As tests for my theory I established […]

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Feb 03 2012

False Employment Hope

All you need to know about the latest unemployment numbers is here. It is the same dodgy data I have pointed to for almost a year (see here, here, here and here for example, note sometimes I forgot to update the month label on the charts, but the data is up to the last month). […]

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Feb 02 2012

Quick Post

Romney handily won FL, and lost a lot of the Tea Party/Libertarians in the process. Good luck to the GOP this cycle, they either win big over Obama or else resurrect his presidency from the ashes of failure. If all is well Obama’s poll numbers will sink back to being around 9+% underwater, the GOP […]

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