Feb 26 2012

This Week History Turns Down A Path

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It is obvious to note that in 2008 the country turned down the wrong path by handing the reigns of government over to a bunch of incompetent liberals. Since that election cycle this nation’s economy has been crippled, the Democrat led US Senate has blocked congressional budgets for years on end going back to the prior president (making them the most notorious gang of outlaw pols in memory), our national debt has expanded beyond our capacity to pay it off, and there are so many greedy hands in the government coffers we could never hope to prosecute all the thieves in my lifetime.

It’s pretty bleak, but we have not hit bottom yet. We had a chance after 2010 to change our direction, but the GOP elites were too afraid for their own jobs to stand on principle.

One recent report shines through as prime example of what the left has done to this great nation in 6 short years (2 under George W Bush):

In the nine months since David Prystash was named Chief Financial Officer of A123 Systems — the battery manufacturer that received $390.1 million in federal and state subsidies — the company has laid off 125 employees and had a net loss of $172 million through the first three quarters of 2011.

A123 Systems also learned earlier this month that the company that was to be the main purchaser of its batteries — Fisker Automotive — had its federal funding cut off for missing milestones and had to lay off its own employees. A123 Systems had invested $23 million into Fisker.

Yet, this month A123’s Compensation Committee approved a $30,000 raise for Prystash just days after Fisker Automotive announced the U.S. Energy Department had cut off what was left of its $528.7 million loan it had previously received.

The workers get the shaft, the taxpayers get the bill and the execs drive off into the sunset in their limousines. All because of promises made and never kept, and no one will to be hold accountable for the mess.

The problem with liberals is they believed so much in the idea of corrupt corporate America they decided it was now their turn. Since they came to power they have been doing nothing but pillaging companies, distorting government programs, abusing workers and the emptying the treasury since Obama, Reid and Pelosi were sworn in. All the left saw was it was their turn at the corruption. A corruption that never existed outside a bad few apples. Now we have an entire government of bad apples.

This week the GOP primary states will be making a decision. Do we go with another establishment elitist like Romney and get more of the same? Or do we re-run 2010 with another insurgent vote to kick out the crooks and cronies in DC and start to get our country back?

Tuesday is the night – in Michigan and Arizona – whenwe find out if America has had enough, or is so worn down and impotent it will continue on its current path to extinction. Sadly, my bet is on one more round of split (in)decision.

The longer we delay in making the massive changes we need, the deeper the hole will be we need to crawl out of. Sadly we are stuck with only two options: the hard path out of the mess or an easy path to oblivion. This week America decides which way it will go.

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  1. Layman1 says:

    Santorum’s main attack on Romney in the robocalls: Mitt was against the auto bailout. Guess that means Rick supports them. Glad to see he’s the insurgent take back our government and slash the spending candidate.