Feb 15 2011

Our National Debt Is A National Disgrace

Washington DC is still being way too timid about cutting the government down to MINIMAL size. Not “nice to have” size or “how can we not help” size, but minimal size. Back to a level were Americans are free to make their own decisions and live with the consequences of those decisions.

Yesterday the news hit that the national debt had reached the total economic output for a single year. What was barely reported was how 25% of that amount was piled on in just the last 2 years of mad liberal spending under Obama, Pelosi and Reid. And since the liberal stimulus spending did NOT energize the economy (just the opposite in fact) the current trajectory of government waste and abuse is expected to add $2 Trillion a year before Obama leaves office. It is expected to double before the end of the decade. What took 200 years to accumulate the liberals in DC will accomplish 5 years of recklessness.

What a fricking disaster!

We need to take drastic actions and now. We need to sell off the money pit that is the US Postal Service – and make billions in the process. Get rid of the Department of Education – a $100 billion a year failure. Get rid of the department of energy and move its research labs under a new technology research organization for the non-military.

There are tons of programs who have been run by incompetents and have cost 2, 10 and 20 times what they should. The government bureaucracy will not shutdown failure and only squelches those who try to save money and do things right.

When I see the lame numbers and actions coming out of this Congress it kills me we have such wimps as our so-called leaders. The time for historic action is well past. It is time for true heroes to stand up and be counted.

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  1. WWS says:

    even Andy Sullivan, Obama’s most faithful defender, finally had too much yesterday and denounced Obama as a fiscal fraud. The budget Obama revealed yesterday was shameful – see the Washington posts take on it, they couldn’t stand for the cynicism of it, either.

    Thing is, here’s Obama’s plan, and anyone tell me if you can think of a way to beat it electorally: Obama is going to propose NO cuts of any significance – almost all the cuts he proposed are scheduled to take place AFTER 2016, which is a farce. He is going to leave it to the Republican House to propose all the cuts. Then, he will attack every single cut as Heartless and Racist and Grinding Down the Working Man. Simultaneously he will count on Reid in the Senate to kill all the cuts the House tries to make, so that the House Republicans will have to take the heat for proposing the cuts and also the blame for not being able to enact them and thus doing nothing of consequence. AND if he can push a gridlock and a government shutdown he hopes to benefit like Clinton did in the 1990’s. It is a horrifically cynical, purely political plan – Obama is trying to intentionally steer the country into the ditch because he believes absolutely that this is his only path to reelection.

    I hope to God that Obama fails – because if he succeeds in his plans, this country is lost.

  2. Mike M. says:

    Unfortunately, discretionary spending allows only modest savings. The Big Money is in the entitlements.

    And going after those will be tough. It’ll require nerves of steel.

    The good news is that in 1995, Clinton had a Propaganda Press solidly behind him – and Congress had no way to get the truth out but talk radio. Today, between the internet, Fox News, and the plummeting ratings of the Propaganda Press, the odds of the gridlock strategy working are much less.

    In fact, it’s an opportunity for the Republicans to play really rough…you pass a proper budget – authorization and appropriation bills – and let Obama veto it.

    Then you don’t pass another. That organization is defunded – and defunct. Make certain to let dismissed Federal employees know that it was Obama who fired them.

  3. WWS says:

    good plan, Mike – but you’re forgetting Harry Reid. He’s in a position to block everything long before it gets to Obama.

    And he will.

    He knows that the Dems are looking like they’ll lose the Senate in 2 years, so he’s all for making the Congress totally dysfunctional and dragging the House Republicans down with him.

    The Dems new plan is becoming clear: destroy and attach the Judiciary, discredit the Congress by tying it into hopeless gridlock, and let Obama stand above it all. Should sound familiar – it’s the same thing Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela.

  4. kathie says:

    My plan would be to pick a year, 2007 say and take us back to that budget level, period. I hate choosing people to punish in the name of helping the middle class. How a politician can smile on national television and expound with glee the 5% they will punish for the poor middle class and how we will all be happy is SICK.

    Americans are fair minded people.

  5. mbabbitt says:

    Unfortunately, our representatives in congress are either ideologues committed to big government and big spending and positive rights (entitlements) or, worse yet, they are “I want to keep my job so I will approve of what I really don’t believe in” wimps. In both cases, the country loses big time.

  6. ivehadit says:

    Great post AJ! And I would add that I am NOT sending another penny to this dysfunctional government to be used to COVER UP THEIR HUGE MISTAKES and/or FRAUD. Has anyone ever really looked at how much money this government rakes in each year? It’s UNBELIEVABLE. And they can’t make it work!!! WE ARE FOOLS!

    Anyone seen this video?: http://wimp.com/budgetcuts/

    It’s fantastic!

  7. kathie says:


    REPORT: General Petraeus To Quit As US Commander In Afghanistan

  8. joe six-pack says:

    The action required to set the United States fiscally sound again can easily place our republic in jeopardy. It just may take dictatorial powers to remove the entitlements that are so much a part of our government and economic system. Just try and get rid of social security or medicare. Now the Health care system.

    The Democrats KNEW that once health care was passed, the only thing that could be done would be to not fund it. Repeal is just not practical. It was a one-way street and they KNEW it.

    All we need now is some world crisis like WWIII or a new great depression and our representative government can become a thing of the past. It just may become necessary.

  9. ivehadit says:

    I just pray this is not 1939…
    Because the generation that voted whole-heartedly for barack obama does not have the intestinal fortitude to respond in a way that will strengthen America, imho.

    Prior to WWII, or even WWI things were very dicey in the world…it just feels like we could be going backwards mainly because I have ZERO FAITH in hillary or obama to do what is best for America. Best for soros, maybe, or the muslim brotherhood or the palestinians but not for America.

    “I pledge allegiance to the America that could be”…I think hillary said that if I remember correctly…If I am wrong I will stand corrected.

  10. Neo says:

    Conclusive proof the the US Nation Debt is causing Global Warming

  11. lurker9876 says:

    Well, well, well….each day NASA gets more and more vulnerable…


    NASA’s losing political support – giving credit to Obama’s rising debts and deficits.

    If NASA gets a budget cut between now til end of this year, then it will be harder for NASA to recover in 2012.

  12. ivehadit says:

    Has AJ/anyone seen this?:


    If so, what do you think?