Feb 28 2011

Pouting In Madison Brings Freedom

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Well, it has been a disaster for the left and the Democrats as they put on a major pout in Madison, WI and as they finally face the reality of this recession. Their risky socialist policies caused the economic meltdown, and their failed stimulus did nothing but put us into massive debt.

All the while the hard choices of what we can afford versus all the stupid social experiments going on was delayed to the point we appear ready to drop into a second dip of the recession.

What a massive demonstration of incompetence we have been experiencing since Obama and the libs took over the reigns of power and illustrated how impotent the left really is. As they realized the Wisconsin protests were not working, but in fact back firing, they let their inner spoiled brat out and started harassing Fox News reporters. Talk about your immature screw ups.

As the Democrats show their views on democracy by showing us their collective, wide backsides as they run from votes we can all breathe a sigh of relief. We will not be required in the future to pretend any longer these disasters of liberalism have anything of value to add to society. They have the right to be deluded, we now have the freedom to ignore them.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Well, it’s going to continue to get worse, especially with this article: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/02/obama_nixes_safe_drilling.html

    But I’m glad that they’re coming out of their hiding holes to reveal their true ideology, which will serve to remind the Americans why they should vote against Obama in 2012 no matter how great the Republican choice is.

    I think the list is starting to get smaller. No Thune. No Newt. No Mitch. No Huck. No Romney.

    Who’s left?

  2. Highlander says:

    AJ, your post seems to suggest you believe we have reached some sort of turning point, where liberal ideology has been proven, once and for all, to be what we of the conservative and libertarian persuasion have always known it to be – destructive and soulless. But for this to truly represent that kind of milestone, the wider world of independents and moderates will have to have seen, processed, and retained lessons they have shown no capacity for in the past.

    Most of the vast swath of voters in the middle – the ones that decide elections and who you here often celebrate – are not like you. They are not informed, they are not interested, they are not consistently engaged in current events or politics. As such, they will always be susceptible to the same old repackaged progressive ideas. Similarly, there are many principled Democrat voters, good and honest people who, oblivious to reality, continue to pull the lever for a Democrat party that, in actuality, hasn’t existed for decades.

    I sincerely pray that you are right to think we have turned a corner on liberalism. But as long as progressives control education and the media, I’m afraid we are destined to remain a generation (or less) away from another Obama.

  3. Frogg1 says:

    Tea Party summit: A 40-year plan to take America back


    …….local Tea Party groups representing millions of Americans, has embarked on an ambitious 40-year plan to rebuild the constitutional foundations of our Republic.

    In the areas of education, the legislative process, the judiciary, the electoral process, economics and culture, Tea Party Patriots aims to equip an entire generation with the tools to reverse the devastation of the 1960s and ’70s.

  4. crosspatch says:

    This is what happens when government tries to build things these days:


    I will give another example. The San Francisco Bay Bridge that connects San Francisco to Oakland experienced the collapse of one section in the 1989 earthquake. Well, it didn’t really “collapse” so much as it bounced out of the pins holding that piece of deck in place.

    So after 11 years of study, they started rebuilding the Eastern half of the bridge. And they are still building 11 years after that.

    The original bridge from the time the first contracts were signed until the first car went across was three years. They have not even been able to rebuild half of it in 11 years. People have been able to make an entire career out of this bridge and there’s no end in sight.

  5. WWS says:

    “People have been able to make an entire career out of this bridge and there’s no end in sight.”

    That’s the entire point, wouldn’t you agree? Yet another great example of how government unions are now simply the greatest organized criminal enterprise in this country.

    Their sole reason for existence now is to use their power to extort money from us, the peasantry. And they hold the power to disrupt our lives unless we pay them ransom over us like a hammer.

    OF COURSE the bridge isn’t finished!!! The best government job of all is one that never ends!!!