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Aug 19 2010

GZM Is To Ground Zero, As …

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Update: Hopefully Lucianne will not mind me borrowing this cartoon: -end update Let’s all play along shall we? The Ground Zero Mosque (GZM) is to WTC Ground Zero, as … The “Timothy McVeigh Militia Center” would be to the OKC Memorial (militia’s are not illegal organizations, but …) A Mexican cultural center would be to […]

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Aug 19 2010

Unemployment Picture Much Worse Than People Think

The ‘surprise’ news out today that the unemployment picture is heading south again is not really a surprise to anyone who is not deluded by liberal spin. Many of  us knew over a year ago the liberal stimulus bill could never stimulate job growth as structured. We also knew the census and summer jobs bubble […]

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Aug 19 2010

GOP Offensive, Democrats Need To Play Triage

Dick Morris has a great article out (H/T Reader Trent Telenko) noting how the Democrats are in such bad shape they need to decide, now, which congress critters to save because if they tried to save too many they could end up with even larger losses by spreading their money too thin: Take Virginia, for […]

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