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Aug 18 2010

How Low Can “O” Go?

I have been expecting for days now for President Obama’s drop in Gallup’s approval to slow or stop, but I have been surprised by the fact his free-fall continues.  Today’s Gallup numbers are stunning, with President Obama down -9% (click to zoom): Even more important is the fact this is a poll of Adults! What […]

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Aug 18 2010

The Left Wing Media Calls On “W” to Save “The One”?

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Update: Ed Morrissey calls on The Force – end Update Somebody wake me up from this bizarre dream I seem to be having, because Maureen Dowd, Peter Beinart and Eugene Robinson are calling on President George W Bush to come rescue President Obama from the Mosque Madness: There’s a new argument emerging among supporters of […]

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Aug 18 2010

Obama’s Hubris Just Lost CA Senate & Governor

Los Angeles is a huge Democrat strong hold (San Fran may be bluer, but it is tiny in comparison). President Obama’s hubris – his self absorbed tin ear only a minority noticed in the 2008 election cycle – probably cost the Democrat Party the governorship and Boxer’s US Senate seat because of his little stunt […]

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Aug 18 2010

Call Us Bigots In August, But Beg For Our Votes In November

Alternate Title: Mosque Madness The vast Political Industrial Complex (PIC) on the left has gone stark raving mad. The latest sign of madness comes over the self proclaimed Ground Zero Mosque (GZM). The location of the GZM is integral to the developer’s plans, as is the now notorious debate on which is the more American […]

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