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May 27 2009

Are We On The Verge Of War With NK?

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North Korea has just raised the stakes again today, junking the Korean War Armistice and declaring itself at war with the West: North Korea threatened a military response to South Korean participation in a U.S.-led program to seize weapons of mass destruction, and said it will no longer abide by the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean […]

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May 25 2009

Just Can’t Resist Her

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The awesome and inspiring Susan Boil Boyle. (I try to keep up with his typos, sorry! – LJStrata) If you ever feel like the world is spinning out of control and heading for the dumpster, just come back and watch the magic. H/T Gateway Pundit.

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May 25 2009

Axis Of Evil Tests Obama Administration

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And so we finally come to it. President Obama is facing severe national security tests this Memorial Day Weekend. First is a nuclear armed North Korea: There have been expressions of international outrage after North Korea said it had successfully carried out an underground nuclear test. After seismologists confirmed it had the power of a […]

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May 25 2009

Pakistan Moves On Terrorist Camps And Enclaves In Pakistan

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It is good to see the Obama administration pushing Pakistan to root out the terrorists from their last major sanctuaries in northern Pakistan. This area represents a major threat to peace and security in the west. It is the birthplace of al Qaeda and not far from where the 9-11 attacks (and others – since […]

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May 24 2009

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Ms. Speaker

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Well, we can all now clearly see how the recent – behind close doors – Congressional ‘investigation’ of the CIA briefings on enhanced interrogation went. Democrats are scrambling to end the discussion and move on before any more details come out: Pelosi and leading Republicans have asked for the briefing memos to be declassified, each […]

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May 24 2009

Oh Please, Tell Me The GOP Didn’t!

One cannot help but question the maturity level of the GOP some days, especially days like this. In what has to be one of the most immature moves I have seen, some Spike TV fan club member-  doubling as a political PR expert – has tried to liken Nancy Pelosi to James Bond’s Pussy Galore: […]

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May 21 2009

Far Right Repulsed Center In Purity Wars – Self Destructed GOP

I noted many times that the  purity wars which erupted after 2004 election when the far right ‘true conservatives’ went insane (and decided insulting moderates at high volume would win their lousy arguments) that the only result of the purity war would be a smaller, impotent GOP. Pew Research has the graph which proves I […]

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May 21 2009

Cheney Vs Obama

Update: Can’t get a You Tube version to work – here is a copy at Fox Here are Cheney’s comments today:

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May 21 2009

The Growing Obama-Pelosi-Reid Economic Disaster

I am swamped at work and awaiting the new state wide unemployment numbers (which should come out tomorrow while I am traveling), but we are already getting a horrid glimpse at the ever bleak economic situation. First, I want to refer to a report that was put out in January of this year explaining the […]

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May 21 2009

Why We Needed FISA Reform After 9-11

Some interesting news came out today regarding a home grown terrorist plot to kill hundreds of innocent people: Four New York men were arrested Wednesday in connection with an alleged plot to blow up area Jewish centers and military targets. The plot, however, was foiled by undercover agents.           Raids by the FBI-NYPD Joint Terrorist Task […]

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