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May 21 2009

Far Right Repulsed Center In Purity Wars – Self Destructed GOP

I noted many times that the  purity wars which erupted after 2004 election when the far right ‘true conservatives’ went insane (and decided insulting moderates at high volume would win their lousy arguments) that the only result of the purity war would be a smaller, impotent GOP. Pew Research has the graph which proves I […]

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May 21 2009

Cheney Vs Obama

Update: Can’t get a You Tube version to work – here is a copy at Fox Here are Cheney’s comments today:

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May 21 2009

The Growing Obama-Pelosi-Reid Economic Disaster

I am swamped at work and awaiting the new state wide unemployment numbers (which should come out tomorrow while I am traveling), but we are already getting a horrid glimpse at the ever bleak economic situation. First, I want to refer to a report that was put out in January of this year explaining the […]

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May 21 2009

Why We Needed FISA Reform After 9-11

Some interesting news came out today regarding a home grown terrorist plot to kill hundreds of innocent people: Four New York men were arrested Wednesday in connection with an alleged plot to blow up area Jewish centers and military targets. The plot, however, was foiled by undercover agents.           Raids by the FBI-NYPD Joint Terrorist Task […]

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