May 24 2009

Oh Please, Tell Me The GOP Didn’t!

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One cannot help but question the maturity level of the GOP some days, especially days like this. In what has to be one of the most immature moves I have seen, some Spike TV fan club member-  doubling as a political PR expert – has tried to liken Nancy Pelosi to James Bond’s Pussy Galore:

At least one Republican doesn’t think it’s OK to compare Nancy Pelosito Pussy Galore.

After viewing an RNC video that juxtaposed the speaker with the James Bond villainess, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) told POLITICO Saturday:

“I thought it was reprehensible, irresponsible and unpersuasive. If we’re going to regain the credibility of the American people, we’re going to have to stop with silly antics like that. It may get a snide chuckle inside the Beltway, but it offends most people. We have to get away from the politics of personal destruction,” he said of the video.

What moron thought this up?  And shouldn’t he/she be in therapy of some kind? Is it any surprise the center of America (its heart and soul)  has dumped the GOP. If they aren’t acting like children they are screaming insults at those who don’t agree with them (anyone using the word RINO should be told to leave the debate and come back when they grow up). 

I looked at the clip and it was amateurish and boorish. But more than that, it screwed up a golden opportunity for some serious message making this weekend. Now all the talk will be over this debacle and not on issues important to America.

For example, this is a fairly important weekend – Memorial Day. A weekend where we remember all those who sacrificed for our freedoms (not to include some mythical teenage fantasy of a British secret agent).

With the liberal destruction of our economy moving out with disturbing speed, we should be seeing commercials about how we, here at home, are not taking care of the nation in order to leave anything of value for all those brave men and women to return to, and from which to build their own lives. We should be seeing commercials comparing their sacrifice and success in protecting us, with the Democrats failures in keeping the economy strong the counter example.

Instead, we get this garbage.

Update: I would like to add to the obvious comment made by Taylor Marsh:

What Republicans refuse to admit, even when they are dragged to admit Steele’s ad is not helping them, is that implying that any woman, but especially the first female Speaker of the House in U.S. history, be called “Pussy” is undeniably offensive in the real world. But according to right wing bloggers I’m “hyperventilating.” The most hilarious part of the attacks are their lack of analytic prowess, opining that my problem is of the nudity implied in the “Pussy Galore” imagery. 

Couldn’t agree more. Women rightfully don’t like to be distilled down to sex objects for men to use. It is the core problem with men – they refuse to see the intelligent human being behind the sex toy. I would dare any conservative to ask the GOP woman leaders how they feel about this blunder. I would bet they will be rightfully disgusted.

Want an acid test at how right Talyor Marsh is? Ask Sarah Palin whether she agrees with the analogy. Sadly I know the answer.

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6 Responses to “Oh Please, Tell Me The GOP Didn’t!”

  1. Frogg says:

    I didn’t think it was a bad ad until others pointed out the “pussy” comparison. Probably not a good move by Repubs. If it wasn’t a good idea for Obama to call Palin a “pig”; it probably isn’t a good idea for Repubs to call Pelosi a “pussy”. Know what I mean? And, if the media attention to the ad is calling Pelosi a “pussy” indirectly instead of her inconsistent tales on CIA lies…..who does that help?

  2. crosspatch says:

    I think people are paying too much attention to the name of the character rather than what is going on with the role being played. I believe the intention was to equate the actions if Pelosi with the actions of the character and not to call Pelosi by the same name as the character. People fixating on the name are completely missing the point.

  3. WWS says:

    The really stupid part is that Pussy Galore was HOT! How dare they compare Nantzee to her!

    No, if they wanted to do find a good film likeness to Nantzee they should have picked this character:

  4. ph2ll says:

    I saw the add and thought it was basically cheesy. Other than that, there isn’t anything terrible about it. Personally, I don’t get all worked up about any pseudo “reference” implied as many seem to think. A lot of Republicans are stiff by nature and wouldn’t have the ability to think of the double entendre intended or not. I know, the add was titled “Democrats Galore”, but many of the same Republicans that created this “cheesy” add probably still think that “gay” means happy. Maybe the creators just aren’t “down with” the whole new slang sayings of todays culture. Which brings me to another point, in that, Republicans need some fresh and new thinking. No more cheesy adds. It was harmless. I refuse to be baited by the constantly outraged left and see it for what it was. Just stupid!

  5. ph2ll says:

    BTW, did these same people that are so outraged by this dumb ad scream when candidate BO seemingly flipped the “bird” on a campaign speech in reference to Hillary? I doubt it. I see nothing but selective outrage.

    AJ, I just don’t see the problem other than just the constantly outraged left yet outraged again and again…..I am just not seeing it. Sorry.

  6. ph2ll says:

    also—I should have spelled advertisement as “ad” and not “add” as I did in the 1st post. Opps.