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Sep 05 2008

Obama Campaign Admits It Doesn’t Have Hillary Supporters In Ohio

A lot of polls are being snuck out by the liberal media houses – in pieces – meant to highlight any remaining positives for team Obidenama. One that caught my eye starts with the claim Obama has a 2 point lead in Ohio, but what was buried in the story is quite telling: Yet Democrats […]

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Sep 05 2008

Backlash Against Vicious Media Attacks On America’s New Leading Woman Continues – Updated

America has embraced Sarah Palin as one of us, part of our family. How could we not, she is one of us. No clearer indication is out there than the drubbing the liberals and left wing media are taking for their low life treatment of Sarah and her wonderful family: Three celebrity weeklies — OK!, […]

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Sep 05 2008

The Obidenama Poll Crash Is Beginning – Updated

Rasmussen’s Daily Tracking Poll has also detected the loss of the Obidenama convention bounce I predicted yesterday was coming when I saw the CBS/NY Times poll.  From a 5 point lead Obidenama have fallen to a 2 point lead today (with more to come I am sure). What is interesting are some of the internals […]

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Sep 05 2008

Obama Realizes Too Late The Importance Of Women

I have been admiring McCain’s political chess game with Obama over the past few weeks. He has Barack running in circles and goads him in one direction while blocking off another, it is masterful. Remember all the rumors of a big McCain ad coming out on the day of Obama’s speech and all the angst […]

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