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Sep 06 2008

Are We Better Off Than 2002?

In my mind we are much better off than we were one year after 9-11. At this time back in 2002, as we prepared to challenge Saddam and his ties to al-Qaeda (they existed through Ayman Zawahiri before and after 9-11), we were a nation bracing for the next strike from al-Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden […]

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Sep 06 2008

Obama Polls Still Crashing

At one point Obidenama had an 8 point lead over McCain in the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, but now that lead is all but gone (2 points) and there are indications from Gallup that McCain-Palin may come out of the back-to-back convention weeks with a significant lead on Obidenama:   The interviewing for today’s report […]

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Sep 06 2008

CNN Tries To Find Credibility In Palin’s Stalking Ex-Brother-In-Law – Updated

Major Update Below The media has lost its mind – at least the sleaze balls over at CNN. They keep trying to find dirt on Palin by going to her sisters screwed up ex-husband. Here is the story at CNN, but there are some elements of this which need to be looked at seriously before […]

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Sep 06 2008

DC/NY Political Industrial Complex Is All Confused And Angry Over Palin

A beautiful thing happened in American politics this last week. The iron grip of the arrogant, hyper-partisan political careerists with terminal God-complexes have become confused and angry because America intruded into their little echo chamber of disaster in the form of Sarah Palin. You can see it in the pathetic and cheap news media coverage […]

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