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Jun 05 2005

WA Governor Election Trial

I think the result of the trial will be a win-win for republicans. The decision is due out tomorrow and I am not sure which way it will go. I think the election should be voided personally, since there were too many problems and there is no way to know who won. For an exhaustive […]

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Jun 05 2005

More Stem Cell Myths

Another great article that reveals the embryonic stem cell debate for what it is, hypothetical questions on theoretical cures – which may be achievable in 40 plus years – being treated as a reality we must deal with today. Confronted with that question, the U.S. House of Representatives voted last month to provide federal funding […]

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Jun 05 2005

Euro Lunacy

The EU constitution should have been abolished since it was not truly a constitution . [hat tip: polipundit] 1. A constitution has to be readable to permit a popular vote; this text is unreadable. 2. A constitution doesn’t impose a political ideology; this text is partisan. 3. A constitution is revisable; this text is locked […]

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