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Jun 01 2005

EU Impacts of No Vote

The Fourth Rail has a detailed analysis of possible and maybe likely fallout from the French rejection of the EU constitution [hat tip: The Bernoulli Effect]. The cause of deeper integration may not just be stalled but could actually retreat as the heads of 25 nations must rethink a “more perfect union”. The French failure […]

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Jun 01 2005

Democrats Losing Ground

Two interesting pieces out today. One from Election Projection reviews how far the democrats have fallen since their hay-day: The Democratic Party once enjoyed a breadth and depth of support that represented a true cross-section of America. Back then, they were arguably the party of the people. Even my parents were registered Democrats well into […]

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Jun 01 2005

Coalition Updates

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Mark Coffey continues to lead point for the Coalition of the Chillin, and regularly points out interesting posts from Coalition members – so stop by often and check in. Mark recently pointed to a post at State of Flux which echoes my sentiments exactly. When will we chill out, sit down and get back to […]

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Jun 01 2005

MSM Smitten with EU

Our liberal media sometimes shows itself bright and true, like today in the Washington Post when Harold Meyerson reveals that not only does he pine for Europe over the US, but he is fairly blinded in his love. You can’t make these things up: The rejection of a more unified Europe is understandable, but from […]

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