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Jun 02 2005


I have already posted on the Netherland’s vote and how it is being seen here, but David Brooks has an insightful Op-Ed that is a must read [registration required]. Here are some of the great points he lays out while he lists the economic failures in Europe, which are really failures from the same policies […]

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Jun 02 2005

Government Targets Journalists

I wonder if Linda Foley and Eason Jordan will be warning everyone about this alarming act of a government targeting journalists? A booby-trapped car exploded killing a prominent anti-Syrian journalist in Beirut on Thursday in an attack the opposition blamed on Syria and its Lebanese allies. My guess is not, since it was not the […]

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Jun 02 2005

‘Nee’ to EUConstitution

Not surprisingly the Dutch have rejected the failed EU constitution by large margins and with a good turn out. 63% of the population came out and by a margin of 62-38% voted no. Given the French vote last weekend it is clear Europeans are not behind the EU constitution created by EU political elitists and […]

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