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Sep 22 2011

No More Business As Usual

A ray of hope burst out from DC’s dark echo chamber yesterday as the House GOP put an end to the deficit/debt fiasco by opposing GOP House Leadership on a stop gap spending bill for GFY 2012: The House stunned Republican leaders Wednesday by rejecting a temporary spending bill that would have funded the government […]

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Sep 21 2011

Obama Becoming A One Term Wonder As America Turns Away & Moves On

It is interesting how the seeds of today’s political outlook were sown back in February 2009. President Obama and the liberal media never once grasped the inherent danger in Obama;s dramatic skill at over promising. He became the messiah of the desperate or stubborn (those who refuse to adjust their world view as humanity seasons […]

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Sep 13 2011

Obama’s Insane ‘Jobs’ Proposal

Kill this bill now! Actually, no need. The thing is so screwy it is DOA anyway. Check out this liberal pretzel logic: President Barack Obama on Monday proposed paying for his jobs plan by eliminating $467 billion in tax breaks for wealthier Americans and corporations, meeting immediate resistance from Republicans in Congress. … A limit […]

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Sep 13 2011

The Great Social Security Debate In The GOP

Lots of interesting reactions to the GOP debate and its focus on Social Security. At Hot Air Allahpundit wonders why anyone would even broach the subject: Remind me again, then: Why are we obsessing over Social Security when it’s universally understood among politicos that Medicare is a much bigger/more immediate problem? I sense a lot […]

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Sep 08 2011

What If The President Gave A Speech And Nobody Tuned In?

President Obama has missed his window of opportunity – big time. He has had many chances to salvage his presidency over the last 2+ years, and he ignored and missed all of them. The last opportunity he blew was when the nation’s voters sent him a massive GOP freshman class to the House of Representatives […]

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Sep 06 2011

Liberal Obamanomics Destroyed This Presidency

This was my (apparently) prescient comments from April 30th, 2009 as the liberal stimulus bill began its death spiral, taking the Democrat coalition with it as it later augered into epic failure: … the real political force in this country is moving along with the incredible and unstoppable momentum. The real political force is the […]

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Sep 05 2011

A Sign Of Our Times – The End Of USPS

The postal service has a warm and special place in our social history. From the Pony Express of the wild west to the diligent and unfailing service of the last century, the only means of affordable, long range communication was the US Postal Service (USPS). Heck, it even came to the rescue of Santa Claus […]

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Sep 02 2011

Liberal Economic Policies Keep Strangling Job Growth

We are small business owners who would love to grow our company and prepare for our Golden Years. We should be on the verge of a growth period as we have obtained critical mass in terms of engineering resources, corporate infrastructure, unique skills that are in high demand and a reasonably good cash flow outlook. […]

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Sep 01 2011

Weekly Unemployment Numbers Flat Or Worse

No surprise in the latest CNN poll numbers on the President’s handling of the economy: Only a third of all Americans approve of how President Barack Obama is handling the economy, according to a new national survey. And with a CNN/ORC International Poll also indicating that more than three-quarters of the public say the country […]

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Aug 21 2011


Click Image For More Obama Misery Tour Fun I have never seen a political collapse like the one we are seeing consume President Obama and the Democrats right now. Even the debacle of 2010 is beginning to pale in comparison to what is happening in the headlines. When Reverend Wright said America’s chickens were coming […]

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