Aug 21 2011


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I have never seen a political collapse like the one we are seeing consume President Obama and the Democrats right now. Even the debacle of 2010 is beginning to pale in comparison to what is happening in the headlines. When Reverend Wright said America’s chickens were coming home to roost – he was not kidding! Sadly they are all liberal chickens packing a lot of crap.

The mortgage recession that pummeled the nation in 2008 was clearly caused by crazy liberal economic schemes enacted years before that loosened lending requirements to the point anyone could pretend they could afford a home. The result: now almost everyone in a home is much poorer, so I guess that can be a ‘mission accomplished’ for the left.

But in 2009, the liberals went into overdrive  so much that it worsened the economic wreckage of their mortgage scheme.

First came a stimulus bill which only stimulated mountains of generational debt. Not satisfied with destroying the wealth and savings of mid-life workers and senior citizens from the mortgage mess, the left now has destroyed the FUTURE life earnings of our children and grand children. All the while, the stalled and stressed liberal economy (struggling under mountains of new liberal regulation and government run health care) can’t employ our youngest workers trying to start their careers. Here is the new symbol of the Obama Economy:

We are so poor we can’t even help fend off the economic collapse in the EU – all we can do is watch it happen. We are tapped out across all the generations now. We have moved well beyond home owners.

Check out this weekend’s whopper headlines for all the signals of destruction. First, the left has latched onto fantasy (and unproven) statistics to shutdown a good portion of our power generation capacity:

Over the next 18 months, the Environmental Protection Agency will finalize a flurry of new rules to curb pollution from coal-fired power plants. Mercury, smog, ozone, greenhouse gases, water intake, coal ash—it’s all getting regulated.

Emphasis mine. There has been no global warming in the past 15 years, and all the science now shows CO2 levels are not driving warming, but actually are a natural response to warming. Yet these tools in DC – with high school level math and a greed for tax money that can’t be satiated – are going to make Americans suffer even more for their fantasy ideology:

The regulations, they say, will cost utilities up to $129 billion and force them to retire one-fifth of coal capacity. Given that coal provides 45 percent of the country’s power, that means higher electric bills, more blackouts and fewer jobs.

And look at the crap the DC buffoons peddle on the witless, math-challenged media to rationalize this mess:

… the EPA estimates that an air-transport rule to clamp down on smog-causing sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide would help prevent 21,000 cases of bronchitis and 23,000 heart attacks, and save 36,000 lives. That’s, at the high end, $290 billion in health benefits, compared with $2.8 billion per year in costs (according to the EPA) by 2014.

What a crock. I would wager one look at the analysis behind these bogus numbers would uncover a 3rd grade level of thinking. I have seen government reports like this and they are always pure science fiction at a child’s level. This is what happens when bureaucrats are let lose with a spreadsheet and an agenda. There will be no NO health impacts from these extra energy costs. The amount of sulfur and nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere is tiny – and not all man-made.  This is made up BS.

But why stop there? Once government got into the car business with Government Motors, we find the service is worse and there is little recourse when union workmanship fails. Remember, this is now a union run enterprise in partnership with government bureaucrats. The GM flagship electric car is in trouble, just like the rest of the government – no surprise here. Wait until these groups team up to save your life on the operating table.

And what about Obamacare – the fantasy which liberals wrecked themselves trying to get into place?  It seems to be so toxic – quality wise and economically – that thousands of left wing special interests have been given three year wavers from its pain. The rest of us of course get to suffer from the brilliance of the left.

Of all I have read and heard about the crumbling of Obama and left wing economics, this has to be the best summary:

We’re almost three years into this administration, and there’s never been a plan. And that’s what everybody feels. And the president didn’t lead. He waited. The quintessential image, sadly, of an administration that I supported and hoped for much better, is the president waiting by the phone to hear what Congress calls to tell him. It doesn’t work in this country that way. It’s not a matter that it’s August. It’s a matter that it’s August 2011. So we’ve been drifting for a very long time. And we’ve been drifting down. And we had a short-term plan that failed. A short-term stimulus that was supposed to get the economy back on track, but it failed. And now we have nothing behind it. And we have no agreements, and we have no leadership. And, frankly, I do think it’s pretty odd the president’s on vacation right now. Normally I wouldn’t care about such things, but the world markets are in deep crisis. It’s no joke. This isn’t just an up-and-down little blip. This is a very serious situation.”

No, it is not a joke. Liberal nonsense has been playing out in painful reality now for 3 years and the damage it has caused is mind boggling. The only hope we have is the damage can be corrected in 2013. Any left wing case who thinks these changes are permanent is crazy. With the mountain of evidence rising on how bad all these whacky ideas have turned out to be, removing them will be seen as salvation.

Now, if only the GOP can resist trying to replace them – that will be the key. We need to shrink government, not fix it.

Addendum: Forgot one of those chickens. As the nation reals from test score cheating scandals across the nation, the Obama answer to the problem is not to go after the teachers and administrators who falsified children’s results to garner income, but to just throw the kids under the bus all together and stop even pretending they are learning a damn thing!

State and local education officials have been begging the federal government for relief from student testing mandates in the federal No Child Left Behind law, but school starts soon and Congress still hasn’t answered the call.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan says he will announce a new waiver system Monday to give schools a break.

Any school that wants to avoid being exposed as unable to educate can now get a note from President Obama, excusing them from doing what we pay them to do. Moronic.


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  1. lurker9876 says:

    I see that the local Costco has decided to shut down its electric charge pumps because nobody is using them.

    I don’t know how many people in Houston actually bought electric cars but some company played up a hype over installing new electric car pumps all over Houston. What a waste of money. Everyone’s so poor that they cannot afford to buy an electric car that’s good for fifty miles per charge.

    I’m tired of the likes of Peggy Noonan who supported Obama in ’08 and now so disillusioned with Obama. The likes of Peggy Noonan has lost all credibility with many people, including me.

    Get rid of Arne Duncan and replace him with that lady and that black man that ran a successful school system in WDC. They got fired as a result of last year’s elections. Idiotic voters of WDC.

    I don’t have a problem with Obama going on vacation. What I have a problem is his choice of location and how much we have to pay for his vacation. Under today’s economic climate, he should spend his vacation at Camp David instead.

    Let’s hope this will be the LAST expensive vacation for the Obama family and see that he spends Christmas and all future vacations at Camp David. That’s all the money we have left for him.

    Better yet, spend your vacation at the White House. That’s probably cheaper than Camp David.

  2. marksbbr says:

    Just read on Fox’s news ticker that Pres. Obama said in a CBS interview that his new low approval ratings are a “reflection” of unhappiness with Congress. Granted, the congressional approval ratings are much lower, but reading it made me laugh. The president doesn’t want to accept responsibility for anything. Now he claims that his approval ratings are actually those of Congress.

  3. momdear1 says:

    It’s common practice for dissidents to just make up statistics because they know few, if any, will know the difference or check them out. Look at all the misinformation that has been repeated as the gospel about man made global warming. then there’s the tear jerker tale that 3 million Cherokee Indians died on the Trail of Tears. On the walls of the cherokee Museum in Cherokee NC it says only 3 thousand Cherkees were marched on that trail to Oklahoma. All they did was walk across the state of Tennessee. It wasn’t like they marched them across the Gobi desert or Death Valley. That is just one of the most glaring examples of how they make up lies and stretch the truth to get their way. It’s gotten so bad you don’t knwo what to beleive any more.

  4. WWS says:

    Looks like Qaddafi has fallen – good riddance, it’s a shame Reagan missed him when he tried 25 years ago. Although this was done in the most nonsensical, chaotic way possible, he *was* an evil man and it’s good that his regime has fallen.

    But now that’s all we’re going to here about for weeks – it’s going to be played like Obama personally pulled a Rambo and walked into Tripoli, a machine gun under each arm.

    Of course the real interesting part starts tomorrow – new government, or civil war? Most likely a bit of both – Libya is NOT a cohesive place, and the people in it tend not to like each other very much, for all the same old reasons.

    It strikes me that the Lockerbie Bomber who got himself released on that fake “I’m dying!” claim ( the Doctors were obviously bribed, as was the Scots local govm’t) may be starting to realize that he would have been better off in prison. Out of the frying pan, into the fire!!!

  5. archtop says:

    WWS says:
    August 21, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    “But now that’s all we’re going to here about for weeks – it’s going to be played like Obama personally pulled a Rambo and walked into Tripoli, a machine gun under each arm.”

    Look for the MSM to do this at every turn between now and November 2012 i.e. elevate any bit of good news for the U.S. into a major triumph for President Obama. Of course, this MSM trick is now well known, and it will not be enough to get Obama reelected if unemployment remains at 9 – 10% and the economy slips into another recession…

  6. oneal lane says:

    There is another potential political suicide waiting in the background…. Sarah Palin’s, entry into the Presidential race.

    I hope she has the sense to stay out.

    Michelle, stop making stupid promises like $2.00 gallon gasoline.

  7. dhunter says:

    Some of us believe that Sarah Palin is the ONLY one with the guts to do what needs to be done to undue the socialists destructive agenda and rip apart their and the corrupt Repugs incumbant protection racket.
    No-one else articulates much less has a track record of rooting out corruption and big spending payoffs to corporate partners and constituents as Sarah has done.

    She has every right to throw her hat in the ring and if she can earn a mandate from we the Tea Party and We The People she will reform DC as none of the other Establishment approved candidates will.
    Has any of the establishment hacks even attempted to roll back the unconstitutional Obamcare, force him to defend his illegal , unconstitutional war or comply with a judges orders to end his moritorium on oil drilling?

    No! They all prefer to vote PRESENT as do the Rats to prevent drawing fire from the socialist media for even so much as articulating that which they have not the guts to do..
    We need a brave warrior to reform DC else we are doomed to bankruptcy and becoming slaves to the entitled until the system collapses.
    I for one look forward to bidding on congressional limos, congressional jets, syrofoam columns, gaudy White House gold and Red trappings and road signs to congress critters legacy on E-Bay.
    Run Sarah Run and Restore America!

  8. joe six-pack says:

    “The result: now almost everyone in a home is much poorer, so I guess that can be a ‘mission accomplished’ for the left.”

    Exactly! The United States is a ‘rich’ country. The wealth needs to be spread around the world. As is this is an effective idea.

  9. joe six-pack says:

    Sorry. As if this is an effective idea.

  10. oneal lane says:


    Sarah has the right to run and she does articulate the right kinds of ideals. She however cannot win the presidency. In fact she is probably the only one of the current GOP potentials who cannot defeat Obama. Her negatives ar so high and her polling so bad it would be hard for her to win.

    She does not have the temperment for the job. She could not handle the stress of the Alaska governorship and now wants to step into a job 10x more stressful. She is the conservative version of Obama. She can whip up a crowd and say the right things but clearly lacking the temperment and experience.

    Sarah entering the race would be a disaster for her. Her first hurdle would be to defeat Michelle Bachman in the woman’s position.

  11. DJStrata says:


    Sarah was forced out of the Alaska governorship. She was doing an amazing job for Alaskans, but left so that the people did not have to foot the bill to defend against the frivilous lawsuits. You might want to check your facts before you say she will be unable to handle the Presidency. She would do it with class and style and an iron fist!

  12. oneal lane says:


    Yes that’s the cover story. I now all about it. There might be an element of truth in it, but it does totally wash. She talks at length about leaving being a protective move for her and her family. She was not “forced out” she choose to leave.

    Now I like Sarah, she is a great cheerleader, but she is not a quarterback. She would make a great senator or energy secretary. She cannot win the presidency. If she is the nominee, Obama will be re-elected. Obama will mop the floor with her hair. She cannot debate. Pressured she starts babbeling talking points. She is a great person but a bad candidate for presidency.

    Thats my opinion, a lot of folks here will think it treason to say such things. I would be most delighted if She can rise to the challenge and thus I am proven to be totally wrong in my estimation.

  13. DJStrata says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I do have to wonder who you were watching in the debates in 08.