Sep 06 2011

Liberal Obamanomics Destroyed This Presidency

This was my (apparently) prescient comments from April 30th, 2009 as the liberal stimulus bill began its death spiral, taking the Democrat coalition with it as it later augered into epic failure:

… the real political force in this country is moving along with the incredible and unstoppable momentum. The real political force is the economic train wreck which is still tearing its way through the very core of this country …

Liberals from DC to the halls of the dying media outlets are trying to claim there are glimmers of hope. They are deluding themselves of course. The economy is shrinking, which means revenues to the government are crashing, which means we are also piling up debt at record levels.

This country will continue to bleed red ink at never before seen rates, and the economy will not be responding. The stimulus bill, has I have noted over and over, is not getting the money into the economy to generate jobs.

I suspect the bleak state of the sluggish federal government’s liberal experiment on socialistic spending is heading for spectacular failure. The DC liberals actually do believe the fantasy that government spending can turn around an ailing economy, that racking up massive debt doesn’t drain the capitol out of the markets, and that raising taxes on businesses doesn’t cut jobs. I mean, they really did believe this fantasy!

Which is why these new poll numbers are not much of a surprise, and actually very much anti-climactic:

More than 60 percent of those surveyed say they disapprove of the way the president is handling the economy and, what has become issue No. 1, the stagnant jobs situation. Just 43 percent now approve of the job he is doing overall, a new career low; 53 percent disapprove, a new high.

These latest numbers reflect what happens when lofty (and at times surreal) rhetoric is followed by failure. Americans do require results from their leaders, and President Obama and his liberal allies are not immune from this minimal expectation. They can whine, complain, point fingers, get angry and threaten their fellow citizens all day long – this is still their mess. Their mistake.

Their defeat. This fall from credibility is just beginning. There is no way to stop or deflect the coming storm of backlash that will arrive with great force in 2012. Just like there was no way to deflect the last round in 2010. Democrats and liberals are just now beginning to wake up to what they did to themselves:

From the debt ceiling fiasco to the recent rescheduling of a jobs speech at the behest of Speaker Boehner, it has not been a good summer for President Obama. Like Chinese water torture, Gallup’s daily tracking poll has shown a steady and unrelenting drip of bad news. He has been in and out of the high 30s for his approval, and in the low to mid-50s for his disapproval.

Obama has ruined the Democratic Party. The 2010 wipeout was an electoral catastrophe so bad you’d have to go back to 1894 to find comparable losses. From 2008 to 2010, according to Gallup, the fastest growing demographic party label was former Democrat. Obama took over the party in 2008 with 36 percent of Americans considering themselves Democrats. Within just two years, that number had dropped to 31 percent, which tied a 22-year low.

More late lamenting here:

We were told, as I recall, that Barack Obama had to seek a debt deal with the Republicans to please independent voters. Well, the independent voters are speaking, and they don’t appear to be especially appeased.

Americans disapprove of the deal by 46 to 39 percent. Democrats support it 58-28. Republicans oppose it 26-64. Independents oppose it 33-50. A second question asked of respondents: Was the deal a step forward or backward or neither with respect to “addressing the federal debt situation?” Democrats lined up 30-14-50. Republicans, 15-28-52. Independents, 16-25-50.

The White House strategy failed, and it failed pretty spectacularly. It reminds me that I’m hard pressed to think of a White House strategy that hasn’t failed in the last several months.

Watching this White House over these last several weeks has been like watching a time-lapse video of an apple rotting.

Note that both of these moaning articles came well before the latest round of bad poll numbers. No one is supporting this President. He lashed his future to a certain-to-fail liberal fantasy of government trickle down economics. And now he is going to pay the ultimate price for this horrible decision. As I noted back in the late spring of 2009, Obama’s fate was set in February 2009 when he naively followed Pelosi and Reid and their siren song about ‘shovel-ready’ jobs emanating from the bloated federal bureaucracy.

That set up this administration’s unavoidable fate, to be finalized November 2012

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9 Responses to “Liberal Obamanomics Destroyed This Presidency”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    His infrastructure proposals MAY kick off after the election due to lead times needed and such.

    He has already gone to his departments to have them each come up with three projects that could be fast tracked now.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    What kind of infrastructure proposals? And I have to wonder what Obama’s department can come up with.

    Pethokoukis reveals some of the parameters of Obama’s jobs plan. They are all going to cost a lot of money.

  3. kathie says:

    His departments can come up with any idea they want……it’s an “idea”, that is a lot different then an actual job that is shovel ready. The money will be thrown around just like it was before, some people will keep their job, some will be hired, it will look good until the money runs out and then we will have borrowed another chunk of money and we will be back where we are today. Barack Obama is a complete idiot who talks to idiots, and America gets the same oh, same oh. And then Obama says that if we don’t vote for his plan we are unAmerican tea partiers. The guy just can’t help himself.

  4. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert’s closing of term opinion poll rating are what await President Obama.

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  6. WWS says:

    Just saw the debate – impressive performance by all, I thought. Perry was more hesitant and seemed a bit nervous at times; still, I didn’t think he made any major gaffes. I’ll admit I hoped for more, but there’s a lot of time left. Romney was very good, as was Herman Cain. One thing I’m sorry to say – Bachmann wasn’t bad, but after tonight I realize that I never will get to where I see her as executive material. She’s a good Congresswoman, that’s the job she should keep.

  7. lurker9876 says:

    I watched the debate, too. I think Brian Williams’ goal was to unrattle Perry. Perry forced Brian’s hand and Brian knew it. Towards the end of the debate, Brian showed a face of loss.

    Agree with your assessment but I think Perry emerged as the winner. That’s in spite of his “lack of national expertise”. One twitter commenter advised that Perry should start with the strength of his state before going into an answer of national level or beyond. Perry is going to need a few more lessons if he wins the nomination and debate Obama, now that Obama has 3 plus years in his pocket.

    The debate ended up between Romney and Perry. Bachman has been moved to second tier in spite of her performance. Romney and Perry are too strong.

    Newt – it’s good to see some brilliance coming out of him. He knows where he stands and his odds are. I see Newt favoring Perry so I think Newt will endorse Perry if he loses.

    Ron Paul, Huntsman, and Santorum are done.

    Cain is good but a lot of people do not like his experience as a Fed chair. I also see Cain endorsing Perry.

    People say that if Perry wins the nomination, Obama will use the ponzi scheme, HPV, and TTC comments against Perry. And Perry knows it.

    I did not see much infighting among these candidates and it’s a good thing. People say that as long as the race is heavy with candidates, the more money spent and less money to spend against Obama. That’s not a good thing.

  8. WWS says:

    The great irony about the furor over how “extreme” the Ponzi scheme remarks is that it is essentially a True statement.

    How did we ever get to the point where most of our media takes it for granted that anyone who tells the Truth about things is “unelectable”?

    Well, I know the answer – if you admit the truth ot things, you would have to admit that they must be changed, and then you would have to admit that President Zero has nothing at all to say about it.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    The sad part is that the Democrats and Mitt Romney are going to try and paint Perry as the one that WANTS to get rid of Social Security.

    These are the guys with the Greece mentality where people revolt on any benefit reduction due to NO budget!

    If only they understood that our own federal government has NO money and that the more money they print drives prices UP!

    If Perry sticks with his comments and the more people hear how true it is, the more they will realize that their children will get no benefits because of unfunded liabilities and on.

    Perry is going to have to sell the Americans that NO, he does NOT want to get rid of SS but that SS needs to be reformed…BIG time!!

    Herman Cain suggests that we look at the Chilean model. He is right but then I remember the Galveston model, too!