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Jan 08 2012

December Unemployment Number Bogus – True Unemployment 11.2%

I always marvel at people who think PR is more powerful than reality. The bureaucrats in DC are a prime example of this weird belief system. They put out dodgy unemployment numbers and expect everyone suffering from a poor job market to suddenly think everything is OK! It’s clearly magic wand time in DC again. […]

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Jan 05 2012

Jobs Picture Is About To Get Worse

With the Christmas season now over, I expect to see the weekly jobs picture start to slide back into the danger zone as the holiday part time work load disappears. And we can see that already in this week’s job data (which data reports through 12/24/11): In the week ending December 24, the advance figure […]

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Dec 12 2011

Is America Awakening To The Real Jobs Picture (11% Unemployment)?

I had to read this liberal’s epiphany and laugh a sad laugh: But today, the most important sentence isn’t a report on something that just happened, but a fresh look at something that’s been happening for the last three years. In particular, it’s this sentence by the Financial Times’ Ed Luce, who writes, “According to […]

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Dec 02 2011

Actual Unemployment Closer To 11%

Update: Hot Air notes someone else did another calculation – 11% – end update One thing this recession has taught a lot of us is the fact that some federal statistics simply suck. Take the unemployment rate. People honestly think this is the number of people who want a job and don’t have one. But […]

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Nov 17 2011

Law & Disorder: The Broken Window Theory

There is a theory about how a level of tolerance can creep into a neighborhood (or even a society) because people turn their backs on their little slice of paradise in America and then create a crime ridden, economically bankrupt mess. It is call The Broken Windows Theory: The theory states that monitoring and maintaining […]

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Oct 19 2011

Senator Reid: Its Now Govies Versus Citizens

Harry Reid’s DC arrogance has now morphed into DC moronic: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Wednesday said Congress needs to worry about government jobs more than private-sector jobs, and that this is why Senate Democrats are pushing a bill aimed at shoring up teachers and first-responders. Not sure where he gets his Kool-Aid, […]

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Oct 12 2011

It’s Herman-Time!

It looks like not only is the GOP field of Presidential contenders settled, so too is the likely GOP nominee and next POTUS. Herman Cain continues to grow in strength because of what he is not – a cautious career politician. Last night I saw both the liberal media establishment AND the GOP political establishment […]

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Oct 05 2011

Anyone But Barak Obama

A lot of people thought I may have jumped the gun in declaring President Obama a one term wonder after the debacle that was the debt limit debate, but it was not that hard a call. When the man who won on being the post-partisan hope for change failed for the umpteenth time to really […]

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Oct 05 2011

Dumb Democrat Games In DC Will Infuriate Voters

I just keep marveling at how much deeper the Democrats and Liberal Left keep digging their hole with the American voters. First they screw up the mortgage market by lowering standards for loans, that in turn led to mountains of useless loan paper, which then collapsed the financial markets. This caused home values to tank, […]

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Sep 28 2011

Big-Government’s Failures Bringing Dems And Obama Down

Competent: Having sufficient skill [1], knowledge [2], ability [3] or qualifications [4] The concept of being competent (versus incompetent) has been lost on career politicians and bureaucrats. To them competence is optional (or maybe even coincidental). All that matters is power – i.e., how many people do your bidding, how much money are you controlling […]

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