Jan 28 2009

The Crime Of Unintended Consequences

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Unintended consequences. Sometimes these are accidental benefits, serendipities. In these cases the lack of forethought preceding the result is forgiven with humble amazement of the thing called ‘luck’. But when the results are disastrous, then the question becomes could someone reasonably have foreseen the potential for disaster and stopped it.

So let me remove all doubt about the fact that there are a lot of unintended consequences coming our way due to the reckless decision by President Obama to close down GITMO. We all know these people are killers who we nabbed in military operations. They have not had due process per our normal legal processes (which we have never extended to our enemies in war during said war).

Interestingly enough, no liberal Democrat knows what exactly to do with these admitted killers, but they naively think they can be controlled here in the US in our federal prison system. Which to me is the dumbest, most ignorant BS I have heard in a long time. And since I follow politics I have heard some serious BS.

What these nattering nabobs fail to realize is that would be adding fuel to fire. The violent criminals in our penal system are not isolated. They have networks and they and their kind don’t really give a damn about America. They are usually motivated by envy fed hate and are not always the brightest.

In other words, they are the perfect feeding ground for Islamo Fascist thinking. Putting the Apostles of Bin Laden inside our federal system would provide them the means to spread their hate and grow their ranks right here inside the US. They could, quite easily, create a home grown al Qaeda from the most fertile grounds we have – our prison system. Especially with efforts to reduce the prison population through early release programs. 

A little brain washing, and some early releases can go a long way. Smooth thinking the dems.

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  1. gwood says:

    This is a very important point you make here, AJ; hundreds, perhaps thousands of prisoners have already emerged from institutions having embraced radical Islam while in prison.

    I live near the Red House, VA. JUMAT AL-ISLAMIYA enclave, it’s about thirty miles from my home. I’ve visited just out of curiosity, and quizzed a few of the neighbors about it. It is basically an encampment where the prison-converted Islamists go to become part of the overall movement.

    For years, their children went to public schools, and they basically kept to themselves. They have no visible means of support, although a few of them used to work here in the local mall, manning kiosks selling various trinkets. Now their kids do not go to school, they keep to themselves on the compound. The compound itself has a guardhouse at the entrance, and one can see a series of mobile homes within.

    My point is that the support structure already exists for the jihadis to plan to take full advantage of Obama’s folly.

  2. WWS says:

    What makes you think that these consequences are unintended?

  3. Terrye says:

    I think these people would have to be isolated. Another point is that if they are to be in our federal prison system, they have to be tried first. Like the people who were involved in the original attack on the World Trade Center back in 1993. That in and of itself is no small matter.

    I read that Obama has said it will be failure if he can not close Gitmo by the end of his first term. Let’s just wait and see what happens.

  4. ivehadit says:

    EXCELLENT COMMENTARY, AJ! The prison system is where Louis Farakhan does most of his work…turning those who are desperate and downtrodden into his Blame/Hate-America followers. He’s been doing it for years…and look at the results.

    And WWS, I wonder the very same thing. I think we are all being naive if we think that certain ones in this administration want GOOD THINGS for America. They, IMHO, like Louis Farakhan, WANT America as we have known it, to be destroyed out of their hate, revenge, envy or whatever. They are NOT in a good-faith relationship with us, mark my words.

    Sadly, there are those who just don’t get it…like those in 1939, they don’t believe it can happen. IT CAN AND IT IS.

  5. sjreidhead says:

    My very nasty comment about this is quite simple. Put ’em in with the general population along with those pedophiles they protect. Neither group will last a week!

    My other observation is that if they are sent to Colorado as we’re now hearing, it will go a long way to putting that state back in the red column.

    Seriously, I agree with the ivehadit’s comment. I don’t like what is going on here.

    The Pink Flamingo

  6. kathie says:

    Closing Gitmo is part of Obama’s bigger plan. You can read about it here. It is mind numbing, really mind numbing.

    FROM “World Tribune.com”

    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Report: Barack Obama’s Al Qaida initiative began months before his election

    WASHINGTON — Barack Obama was working with Arab intermediaries to establish an unofficial dialogue with Al Qaida long before his election as the 44th U.S. president, according to a report in the upcoming weekly edition of Geostrategy-Direct.com.

    Al Qaida has offered what has been described as a truce in exchange for a U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan, according to the report.
    Obama has deemed the U.S. reconciliation with the Muslim world, including Iran, as his main foreign policy goal, sources quoted in the report said. The president has been aided by several Persian Gulf Arab Muslims with ties to Al Qaida’s leadership in Pakistan, they said

  7. Redteam says:

    Al Qaida has offered what has been described as a truce in exchange for a U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan,

    Let’s suppose for a second that Obama agreed to this. and withdrew U S forces from Afghanistan. How many minutes after the last troop departed do you think it would be before Osama announced victory in Afghanistan.

    it’s these little things that will show if we have a leader in Washington or an appeaser of terrorists.

  8. kathie says:

    Redteam…that’s why I think this is so mind numbing. So before Obama is inaugurated he is putting out feelers to al Queda to see what? What else has his team done, do the American people have a right to know what he has in mind? Who he would like to have a truce with, what is his thinking about Iran, and her proxies, North Korea, Israel. We don’t know anything about his thinking or world view. I find him so unsettling. Does he have a ulterior motive, break the country financially and play nice to terrorists, I mean we really know nothing about this guy and know nothing about what he is planning.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    But…Obie is moving 30,000 troops to Afghanistan…doesn’t make sense.

  10. Redteam says:

    Suppose Obama had told the American public that he was negotiating with the terrorists BEFORE the election to surrender in Afghanistan. Do you think he would have gotten the voters endorsement? Isn’t interfering with foreign policy illegal?