Jun 22 2005

The GITMO Chronicles

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In my desire to try and do something about the outrageous and false claims made on GITMO and the men and women working there I decided one thing I could do is pull together all the interviews (pro and con) from people stationed at GITMO. I have included interviews from detainees who were positive in their treatment at GITMO since I doubt very much they are terrorists – who would lie to the press as they are trained to do.

The interviews are the results of hard work and diligence by others who are really making a difference. Hopefully by pulling them all together in one place, so congressional staffers can find them easily and the MSM won’t have the option of ignoring them, the old adage about ‘the whole is greater than the parts” will bear out.

In no particular order, except the ones I ran across recently and then the ordering of Google search results. Unfortunately these are all I can find with a simple Google search. If someone knows of any other first hand accounts from people there (besides the detainees) please let me know so I can add to this post.

Hugh Hewitt captured the thoughts of a GITMO veteran on his show recently

Right Thinking Girl has a very new interview with a GITMO interrogator.

CBS News did an interview with GITMO translator Erik Saar, which they claim “paints a picture of bizarre, even sadistic, treatment of detainees in the American prison camp”. Saar has many media listing for interviews done for his book tour – nuff said.

A Telegraph (UK) interview with a 14 year old detainee who claims he enjoyed his time at GITMO.

Washington Times interview of two guards on how violent the detainees can be.

Redstate Rant has a post containing an e-mail from someone stationed at GITMO describing the behavoir of the detainees.

Powerline has a letter to the Minneapolis Star Tribune from the same GITMO vet Hugh Hewitt interviewed in the link above

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