Jun 22 2005

GITMO Interrogator Speaks

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Hat Tip to Jawa Report on this find. But a huge thank you to Right Thinking Girl for getting this very important interview! I know many people will be linking too it, but I want to help get the word out as much as I can.

Most intriguing section to me was this:

RTG: Tell me once and for all, do the people in Gitmo have any information about 9/11?

Smith: Yes, without a doubt. I interrogated one detainee who was part of the Moussaui group of terrorists.

RTG: Were other terrorist attacks planned for that day?

Smith: It was supposed to be a larger operation.

RTG: What happened?

Smith: I can’t get into that.

Maybe it is time the American people were allowed to ‘get into that’ – to remind them of what we face. I am pretty sure the fuller picture can be presented in a way that avoids divulging intelligence gathering tools and sources.

Please read it.

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