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Jan 18 2008

al-Qaeda’s Shrinking Presence In Iraq

H/T to reader Merlin for noting this excellent post by Bill Roggio, which confirms many of my speculations regarding the retreating nature of al-Qaeda in Iraq: Nearly one year to the day of the announcement of the “surge” of US forces to Iraq and the change in counterinsurgency plan, Iraqi and Coalition forces have shrunk […]

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Jan 07 2008

al-Qaeda Will Be Destroyed By Muslims

It is becoming clear that al-Qaeda is fighting for its very life because all of its big targets are Muslims – not Americans. This happened in Anbar when Iraqis began to turn on al-Qaeda as well. al-Qaeda started bombing mercilessly to attempt to cower the Sunnis there back into submission. The result was even more […]

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Jan 03 2008

We Must Seize Momentum (Not the Defeat) In Iraq

There are a lot of presidential candidates out there today more than willing to stop pounding al-Qaeda, to stop chasing them down, and simply pretend we have won by holding parades down Main Street USA. It is a sick, pathetic and spineless plan for American defeat. It is more active on the far left, but […]

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Dec 23 2007

Defending The Iraq Homeland From Invaders

In the fantasy world of the far left Iraqis are defending their homeland from the US invasion. But in the reality that is the streets of Iraq, defending the homeland from the brutal and violent invaders who maim and kill the Iraq people, who come to oppress them, is to fight al-Qaeda alongside America. This […]

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Dec 22 2007

Map Of The Iraq Awakening

The New York Times is shifting gears and providing some actual real reporting on the Awakening movement in Iraq which, along with The Petraeus Surge, as turned Iraq from a rolling failure into a smashing success. For those interested in the make up of the various Awakening groups that have stood up in Iraq check […]

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Dec 22 2007

War On Terror Update 12/22/07 – Beginning Of The End

As we look back on this year I think we will find it was a pivotal year for the coming century. I think we will see the beginning of the end of al-Qaeda in the US Surge and the Iraqi Awaking – both of which took root this year (though the very beginnings of the […]

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Dec 21 2007

The True Face Of Our Enemy Continues To Emerge

Surrendercrats have a serious and unending problem to face – they are predicting (and sometimes it looks like they are “hoping” – for personal political benefit) that al-Qaeda can still win in Iraq. They still present America as being in Iraq as the worse option to al-Qaeda or civil strife dominating Iraq. The problem with […]

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Dec 20 2007

Iraq Update 12/20/07 – Reconciliation Spreads Across Iraq

The news from Iraq is following a pattern that should be no surprise to those watching events as Iraq comes out of its dark dance with al-Qaeda. Ever since the Muslim street in Iraq determined al-Qaeda was the real enemy the country has fought its way towards a brighter future. And along this path we […]

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Dec 17 2007

al-Qaeda Grasping To Hold On In Iraq

al-Qaeda can light of a few bombs and target a few people, but they cannot claim any territory of their own in Iraq right now. Their atrocities against the Iraqi Muslims have made them the enemy and those fighting them the Islamic heroes and martyrs for the cause of Islam. They have been pushed farther […]

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Dec 10 2007

al-Qaeda’s Last Stand Before They Are Pushed Out Of Iraq

The ghoulish SurrenderMedia is all atwitter with the recent spate of violence by al-Qaeda and its few remaining sympathizers. al-Qaeda is going for one last bloody effort to remain relevant and get its blood soaked results on the nightly news. And it will kill and maim people – mostly Muslims now. Which puts America and […]

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