Aug 06 2008

Iraq Victory Continues As One-Time al-Qaeda Haven Now Under Iraq Control

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al-Qaeda decreed Iraq was the primary battlefield for the war against The Great Satan – America. When we took out Saddam Hussein, one time ally with Ayman Zawahiri’s group that became the armed forces of al-Qaeda, Bin Laden and Zawahiri made it clear America would lose to radical Islam in the Arab heartland. In fact, al-Qaeda decreed Iraq would host the capitol of the modern Muslim caliphate, and that capitol city was initially Ramadi, located in Anbar Province.

Until the Anbar Awakening occurred and the angry Iraqi Sunni tribes hunted down al-Qaeda and purged them from their areas. Then al-Qaeda set up the second capitol city of the Muslim caliphate, in the city of Baquba in Diyala Province. While the SurrenderMedia nd Surrendercrats moaned and groaned about unavoidable defeat of The Surge in Iraq, I noted that as goes Diyala so goes Iraq. And here we are only a little over a year since I made those predictions and al-Qaeda’s modern caliphate is now firmly under the control of a democratically elected Iraq, which is also an ally with America in its war against al-Qaeda.

A transfer of responsibility from Multi-National Division – North Soldiers to Iraqi Security Forces was finalized in the southern Balad Ruz area of the Diyala province of Iraq Aug. 2.
The volatile area of Diyala, where two operations are currently being conducted, has seen success with security for the Iraqi Army, Iraqi Police and local residents.

Americans may not appreciate how humiliating this is for al-Qaeda and the Islamo fascists movement. The prophesied center of the new militant Islam has fallen into moderate Muslim hands. The Great Satan was not vanquished, and all the Muslims who died at the hands of al-Qaeda’s thugs were victims of a greater evil. Now, in the supposed cities of the modern caliphate in Bin Laden’s wildest dreams, he and his organization are the enemy of Islam.

Mission Accomplished. We thank all those who fought and sacrificed, and their families, for seeing this thing through to victory. This nation owes you all a historic debt. As does the world.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    “Mission Accomplished. We thank all those who fought and sacrificed, and their families, for seeing this thing through to victory. This nation owes you all a historic debt. As does the world.”

    Here, here, AJ! What a joy to read!

    We owe our magnificent military a lifetime of gratitude for cleaning the swamps of Islamo-fascism.

    And here’s to the Iraqi’s who are gettin’ it done! (What say you, O’Reilly, Mr. Negative?!)

    Shame on those in this country who are being duped by the likes of CAIR and our liberal media.

    G-d bless America! Still the Land of the Free and the Home (because of)of the Brave.

  2. kathie says:

    Someone needed to stand up and say enough is enough. My memory goes back to Arafat and the murder of the Israeli team in Munich. He invented killing innocent people for political fame in the Islamic world. Bin Laden may be the last hero.

    You can only bully so long, then someone with absolute clarity of mind and moral purpose will stand up and say enough is enough. That person, President Bush stopped these fools. The men and women he lead are the 21st century heros. History will tell the story, it is much bigger then we could only imagine at this point. My hunch is that their bravery stopped a very vicious third world war in it’s tracks.

    As a nation we must keep the pressure on.

  3. kathie says:

    Obama wants to be the symbol or represent all that is good about America…..really? President Bush IS all that is brave, good and honorable.

  4. ivehadit says:

    Great posts, Kathie! Right on the money.

    Even Thomas Friedman, no fan of this president, said that we needed to burst the fantasy bubble of the terrorist and Iraq was that “burst”.

    The dems know this to be true but couldn’t allow George to be as wildly popular as he was right after 9/11.
    George chose to be a strong, courageous, SELFLESS, leader as opposed to trying to win a popularity contest. And he wouldn’t sacrifice our safety and undercover ops for his own personal gain.

    The dems knew he would do this and they took advantage. Shameless on their part and an example of the lowest and worst “self”.

    We owe George a lifetime of gratitude and the dems eternal disgust. And I thought their allegiance to bill clinton was their lowest moment….

  5. stevevvs says:

    8/5/2008 (Basra, Iraq) – Fundamentalists shoot a barber to death for shaving beards. (Islamic Law, which we put in the Constitution)

    8/5/2008 (Kirkuk, Iraq) – al-Qaeda militants slit the throats of three Iraqis.

    8/4/2008 (Baghdad, Iraq) – Jihadis manage to kill two civilians with a roadside bomb.

    8/3/2008 Iraq Latifiyah 6 killed 13 injured Six civilians are killed by a Jihad roadside blast.

    8/3/2008 Iraq Baghdad 12 killed 22 injured Islamic terrorists manage to kill a dozen Iraqis with a truck bomb.

    8/2/2008 Iraq Baqubah 5 killed 3 injured Sunni radicals murder five Iraqis with a roadside bomb.

    8/1/2008 Iraq Rashad 3 killed 1 injured Jihadis kill three Iraqis with a roadside bomb.

    Is this “Victory”?

    Will it still be a “Victory” if we pull out our troops?

    Will Christians, Jews, Kurds, and others have equal rights under the Islamic Law Based Constitution?

    Will freedom of speech be supressed?

    Are Woman equal under the law?

    Debbie Schlussel asks:

    As for whether or not things are a mess in Iraq and whether or not the war is over and we’ve “won”–whatever that means–why is it, if things are so great there and we’ve “won”, that we are now taking in THOUSANDS of Iraqis as U.S. citizens, with the estimate being that we will “absorb” 30,000 Iraqi immigrants, most of them to Michigan, by year’s end?

    Diana West:


    Congressional demands that Iraq increasingly fund its own reconstruction will be a prime focus of the upcoming defense authorization debate next month, bolstered by new financial estimates provided by the Government Accountability Office.

    No comment as yet from our old pal Abdul Basit, the head of Iraq’s Supreme Board of Audit, the body that oversees Iraqi government spending. He’s the one who, back in May, in reaction to the very thought of oil-soake Iraq paying its own way to reconstruction, hit the roof, telling the Chicago Tribune that, au contraire, “America has hardly even begun to repay its debt to Iraq.” And furthermore: “This is an immoral request because we didn’t ask them to come to Iraq, and before they came in 2003 we didn’t have all these needs.” As for the idea of filling up US humvees in Iraq on the cheap (if not for free), Sunni lawmaker Dhafer al-Ani said: “It’s illogical, illegal and immoral. Any additional commitments by the Iraqis to the Americans will make it less respected in the eyes of the Iraqi people, and that will make things even more complicated.”

    But I digress. Back to today’s update on Iraqi oil wealth:

    The report, released Tuesday, found that Iraq is capable of shouldering more of its own domestic obligations.

    “Iraq’s large oil reserves coupled with surging oil prices offer the government of Iraq the potential to contribute to the country’s reconstruction efforts and thereby enhance essential services to the Iraqi people,” the report said.

    Imagine that.

    According to the GAO, the Iraqi government took in $96 billion in revenue between 2005 and 2007, 94 percent of which came from oil sales. In 2008, Iraq could earn as much as $86.2 billion, assuming oil prices of about $125 per barrel and export near 2 million barrels per day.

    Furthermore, the GAO found that in 2007, the Iraqi government spent only 65 percent of its total budget allocation and 28 percent of its $12.2 billion investment budget. Only about 1 percent of Iraqi expenditures last year went toward maintaining projects initiated jointly by the U.S. and Iraqi governments, the report stated.

    Iraq also holds $29.4 billion in a development fund.

    In contrast, Congress has appropriated $48 billion for Iraqi reconstruction since 2003, the report said.

    That’s your $48 billion, by the way.

    Didn’t President Bush say Iraqi Oil Revenue would pay for the war and reconstruction?

    I thought you might like some honest Conservative comments from people who have studied Islam.
    Enjoy your day folks!