Feb 21 2008

Taking Out al-Qaeda Across Iraq

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Some very good news coming out of Iraq. First off US forces have killed the sick fascist who convinced two mentally ill women to unwittingly become suicide bombers in one of Iraq’s bloodiest massacres of Muslims by al-Qaeda:

Multinational Forces Iraq has confirmed it killed a senior intelligence officer of al Qaeda in Iraq’s network in Diyala. Arkan Khalaf Khudayyir, also known as Karrar, was killed during a raid by “Coalition forces” in Khan Bani Sa’ad on February 17. Multinational Forces Iraq uses the generic term Coalition forces to describe Task Force 88, the special operations hunter-killer teams tasked with dismantling al Qaeda in Iraq’s senior leaders and wider network.

Karrar was described as a senior intelligence leader for al Qaeda in Iraq’s network in Baqubah. Karrar facilitated suicide bombing attacks in the Diyala River Valley. This network also has been responsible for attacks in Baghdad, “to include attacks by female suicide bombers.”

Baghdad has seen a rash of females used as bomber recently. On Feb. 1, al Qaeda in Iraq used two mentally disabled women to conduct attacks at markets in Baghdad. The bombs claimed the lives of at least 73 Iraqi civilians and wounded more than 167.

I am sure there are many Iraqis cheering this news tonight. And in another part of Iraq US forces are cleaning out another element of the al-Qaeda cesspool:

Soldiers from Charlie Company, 1st Squadron, 32nd Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division conducted Operation Helsinki Feb. 15 to clear out al Qaeda fighters from an area here that has typically not received much attention from Coalition Forces.

Helsinki was a combined counter-insurgency operation, which was conducted in partnership with the Iraqi Army, to help enable legitimate governmental organizations and to provide security for the citizens in the Bichigan peninsula, said 1st Sgt. Timothy Seeber, Charlie Company First Sergeant. Seeber called the Bichigan area, west of Balad, an al Qaeda safe-haven that AQI flees to in order to avoid being killed or captured. “AQI is on the run here and they know we have the means and mobility to kill or capture them where they hide,” said Seeber.

Small but consistent progress on a daily basis is bringing down al-Qaeda and raising up the new Democratic Iraq. There will be set backs, and there will also be justice.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    I read a strange article yesterday that those two didn’t have Down Syndrome after all.

    Regardless, this is great news!

    And the Democrats continue to declare defeat. And they see empty threats. Obama’s team is full of members with such attitudes: Susan Rice, Zbigniew, Albright, etc.

    Powerline has been writing about these guys. So as American Thinker.