Nov 14 2008

Do The Dems Dare Lose The War On Terrorism?

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In an interesting addendum to my post below on how far President Bush was able to change the world after 9-11 there is a new poll out from Rasmussen which shows 60% of Americans believe we are winning the war on terrorism.

Voter confidence in the War on Terror has reached its highest level ever, with 60% now saying the United States and its allies are winning, according to the first Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey on the issue since Election Day.

A dour 15% of liberal pessimists are still lurking out there obsessed with failure. What is important about this turn of events is if Obama and the Dems fail, as many believe they will be pulling back and attempting appeasement – thus giving our enemies hope we will fold if attacked again, then the left will be seen as responsible for squandering victory. I if any number was going to give the liberals pause it should be this one.

If their actions or talk results in losing ground against terrorism, they will rightfully get the blame. Are they smart enough to see the nuclear land mine at their feet? History would indicate they are not. H/T Powerline.

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  1. GuyFawkes says:


    Fannie and Freddie have bankrupted the US more then the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for that we can thank the democrats.

    Cost of the Iraq war so far: $600 billion

    Cost of Fannie and Freddie bailout: between $15 billion and $20 billion

    If by “more then”, you meant “a fraction of the cost of”, then yes – you’re completely right.

    Math is hard, eh?

  2. robert c verdi says:

    Bin laden isn’t half as smart as that. In his mind we were a paper tiger who would collapse at the first major attack. As for a challenger to Schumer well as a new yorker their is no one on the horizon who fits the bill.

  3. robert c verdi says:

    guy fawkes, here are some stories for you all courtesy of the ny times:

    “Over the course of this 18-month financial crisis, we have lurched from land mine to land mine. Last week’s was all about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the giant government-sponsored enterprises set up to provide affordable housing across the nation. By issuing debt, these shareholder-owned companies guarantee or own more than $5 trillion in home mortgages. Got that? $5 trillion.

    Because the federal government established the companies, investors view them as backed, at least implicitly, by taxpayers. And that implied guarantee is what drove Fannie and Freddie’s business models.

    The advantages the companies gained from this unique arrangement were huge. They had to keep less cash on hand than traditional lenders, for example. They also made more money on their mortgages than lenders because they paid less to borrow money in the bond market. These profits enriched Fannie and Freddie shareholders over the years and bestowed significant wealth on the companies’ executives.

    Now it looks as if the bill for that largess is coming due. Of course, it will be borne by the usual bag holders: United States taxpayers. You and me.”

    Here is another quote from a separate story:
    “Today they own or guarantee about half of the country’s $12 trillion in mortgage debt, so the free fall of their share prices last week amid concerns that they were undercapitalized has created chaos for Wall Street and Washington.”

    here is another quote:
    “With home values falling across much of the nation, Fannie Mae said that it was bracing for billions of dollars in additional losses and that it may need more than the $100 billion that the Treasury Department has pledged to keep the company afloat.”

    Two failing companies backed up by the government now have at least 5 trillion in outstanding debt, the 29 billion was in the news just last week. It was the tip of the iceberg. You have no idea what you are talking about or the extent of toxicity within taxpayer guaranteed corporations.

  4. Redteam says:


    1.U.S. Troops being able to completely leave any of the countries we are in now
    by this definition, WWII countries, germany, japan, italy and france still have US troops. So we weren’t successful there?

    Can anyone find in the U.S. Constitution, or Founding Documents, any reference to “War Resolutions”? I see “Declaration of War” but I’m still looking for war resolution.

    Yes, I’m a Constitutional Conservative.

    If it’s NOT in the constitution, then it’s not prohibited. while it clearly says the Congress is the only branch that can declare war, it doesn’t say war HAS to be declared to fight one and it doesn’t say the President and the congress CAN NOT pass a war resolution. and you’re a Constitutional Conservative? you might want to take a look at it.