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Sep 30 2011

Looks Like Obama May Have Finally Assassinated An American Citizen

Did an American president just assassinate a US Citizen without any due process, without any court case or verdict of guilty? While the death of a blood thirsty Islamo Fascist is on par with the death of a blood thirsty Nazi who slaughtered innocent Jews in a concentration camp, the fact is Nazi mass murderers […]

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Feb 04 2010

The Probability Of Attack On America Is Now Certain, Would It Have Been Without Miranda?

We now know something truly horrifying – Americans could very well die in massive numbers in the coming 6 months: There is no doubt of a coming attack from in the responses of these national intelligence leaders. There is not a 50% chance or a 75% chance or a 95% chance. 100%. If this was a […]

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Jan 31 2010

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME)

Pass this one on – it is outstanding. And it is evidence of why we needs pragmatic centrists on the side of national security, whether they agree on social issues/experiments or not.

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May 21 2009

Cheney Vs Obama

Update: Can’t get a You Tube version to work – here is a copy at Fox Here are Cheney’s comments today:

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Nov 14 2008

Do The Dems Dare Lose The War On Terrorism?

In an interesting addendum to my post below on how far President Bush was able to change the world after 9-11 there is a new poll out from Rasmussen which shows 60% of Americans believe we are winning the war on terrorism. Voter confidence in the War on Terror has reached its highest level ever, […]

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Nov 07 2008

The War Against Islamo Fascists Grinds On

For now, in the waning months of the Bush administration, the war against Islamo Fascism is still being waged full force in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Pakistan. Given the fact the liberal doves will be calling for full retreat in the coming months from many of these battlefields (thankfully Iraq was won before the Surrendercrats could […]

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