Nov 04 2008

Carter/Clinton 2.0 – Welcome President Elect Obama

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VA is being called for Obama (and so soon will be Florida). Tomorrow I will look at the final number, but what I see tonight is a much tighter national race than many polls predicted, but more accurate state polls.

In any event, welcome President-elect Obama. Do well for America these coming four years – because you will be facing Sarah Palin in 2012 if I have anything to say about it. And if you want to make it easy for Governor Palin, please raise taxes, surrender Iraq and redistribute wealth. And you will be a one term wonder.

Until then, congratulations! And Congrats to all the wonderful Obama supporters I know – I have a lot of trust your instincts are right. I have been proven wrong many times, now it is time to see what Obama can do.

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  1. gwood says:

    This happened because the numbers of those whose bread is buttered by government now exceed the number of those who depend exclusively upon the private sector for their livelihood.

    Transfer payments through the tax code from employers and investors to employees achieved the plurality. It will get worse.

    Only a deep, deep recession, and the concomitant misery will awaken the people from their slumber.

    Employers and investors are now officially enemies of the state. Proof? The words “rich”, “businessman”, and “Wall Street” have become pejoratives, if not epithets. The word “evil” no longer needs to precede “CEO” to achieve the desired negative connotation. Capitalism is on its last leg, freedom won’t be far behind.

  2. dave m says:


    Then why has he brought in the lawyer brigades to oppose all the
    lawsuits that only ask him to provide his original birth certificate to
    the Court? Makes no sense. The guy has something to hide.
    You or I wouldn’t think twice about it.

    If you do nothing else, look at the pictures.
    That lets you compare Obama to Frank Marshall or Obama senior.
    He doesn’t look anything at all like Obama Sr. Not a bit! Doesn’t look
    all that much like Frank Marshall Davis either.

    where you can compare, scroll down a lot, Obama to Macolm X.
    You cannot wish away the obvious. Almost identical.

    In one way you may be right, maybe he was born American but has faked
    his true identity ever since. Using a faked birth certificate would be
    felonius in itself.

    This is not going to go away. Not during “Obama’s” lifetime. The only
    way it will go away is if he steps forward with the bonafides and
    that he will not do.

    The legal question of “standing” is the only thing blocking court action
    now. In other words who has actually suffered a direct injury as a
    result of a non-eligible man running for President. Lower courts
    have decided that just a citizen does not have standing. Let me give
    you some examples of people who do, Hillary, McCain.
    But there are more.

    If an impostor signs us up to an international treaty, like son of Kyoto,
    and that forces a large company to spend hundreds of millions of bucks
    to come into compliance, with what turns out to be an invalid treaty
    because “Obama” isn’t the President and therefore cannot sign,
    then there is standing galore for a whole lot of people. Lawyers
    and big big bucks. Not even the MSM can hold that at bay.
    Supreme risk lies ahead.