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Nov 20 2008

The Pet Rock Presidency?

What kind of President will Obama be? We only have vague and conflicting impressions because his statements to date appear to be incoherent (at best) on a range of subjects. For example, he wants to eradicate al-Qaeda but run from Iraq. If we left Iraq and focused on the tribal regions of Pakistan, where does […]

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Nov 05 2008

The Day After

It looks like the state polls were more accurate than I had hoped (which brings me to my retirement as a cynic on polls). Drudge has the national popular vote tally as: OBAMA: 59,524,759 MCCAIN: 53,553,241 I am sure this is not a complete tally, there were a lot of close states, but it is […]

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Nov 04 2008

Carter/Clinton 2.0 – Welcome President Elect Obama

VA is being called for Obama (and so soon will be Florida). Tomorrow I will look at the final number, but what I see tonight is a much tighter national race than many polls predicted, but more accurate state polls. In any event, welcome President-elect Obama. Do well for America these coming four years – […]

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